Why Your Parents Love Your Sibling More?

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Why Your Parents Love Your Sibling More?


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You have a sibling and your parents love him or her more than you.

Whenever any fight happens between you and your sibling, then you happen to get all the scolding or even beating!

Why Your Parents Love Your Sibling More

Now, you are confused about why your parents love your sibling more than you…

Our Response. We have been in your shoes and passed through the confusing road.

But now we have grown up and have our kids (twin daughters) so we are very much capable to answer this question.

This answer will be relevant for brothers and sisters. The case of one brother and one sister will different connotations which will be covered in a different article.

The few unconscious reasons mentioned below could be the answer to this question.

Parenting is a very tough task and parents always look for some help here and there. In addition to office and marital stress, the parents have to worry about the upbringing of their kids too.

Reason 1: Maybe You are an “Unwanted Child”!

What do we mean by that?

Most of the time, after marriage, the first child is the most awaited kid for most of the couple.


After marriage, both husband and wife are under immense pressure from their own parents and society to have a baby.

In case the couple doesn’t have a baby by second or third marriage anniversary, then people around start talking lose comments about them, questioning their fertility and good health.

So, the couple and parents of both husband and wife eagerly await for the baby. 

But many a time, the couple don’t want the second baby. Why?

  • The upbringing of babies is a very expensive affair. One more baby means more expenses.
  • Double  (or more) hard work in parenting, depending upon the number of kids.
  • More attention to the upbringing of two kids (or more) as compared to one. 
  • Mother has to stay at home during pregnancy one more time, that too for the duration of 9 months plus a few additional months till the newborn baby grows up.
  • They are forced to stay at home.
  • Restrictions in food.
  • No outings.
  • Lots and lots of medical changes inside the mother’s body like a heavy body and other ailments.

Why Your Parents Love Your Sibling More

So many a time, parents take lots and lots of precautions during s*x or intercourse. But “Mother Nature” plays its own game and in many cases, the mother happens to get pregnant again.

So, now mother has good reason to feel prisoned and this unconscious hate is carried forward till her last breath. I am talking about it as the first-hand experience!

Why Your Parents Love Your Sibling More

What can you do about it?

Nothing! Just enjoy your life. Concentrate on your studies. Be financially independent as soon as possible. Marry a person you love.

Reason 2: You are an Elder Sibling

If you are elder to your brother, then your parents will have by default expectations to be more mature compared to your brother.

That means, if you and your brother commit the same mistake together, then you will surely get more scolding or beating and your brother will get away without any reprimand.

Why Your Parents Love Your Sibling More

Even if you are just a 1-year elder to your brother or sister, still they will expect you to behave like his father or mother, respectively, who will never commit any mistake at all and help in looking after your younger brother so that he can have some personal time for himself.

Myself, as an elder sibling had been scolded many times for comparing myself with my younger sibling.

When I had my own kids, then i realised my unknown reason behind those scoldings!

Reason 3: Your Sibling is Best in Academics or Sports or Both

If your brother is performing better in sport or academics or both, then there are very high chances that your brother will get the benefit of doubts.

In your school also you must have noticed this happening openly.

The topper of the class or best student in sports will always get the upper hand in all aspects compared to his or her classmates.

Most of the time, all their mistakes will be overlooked by your teachers and school authorities.

What can you do about it?

Just start working hard and show exponential performance enhancement in academics, sports or both.

Wait for some time to let your parents accept the change in your performance in life.

Let that change in you, seep inside their mind.

ENJOY THE LIFE AFTER THAT. Just ensure that you have to be the best in your class.

Reason 4: Mother and Father Hate Each Other

Many a time, in the garb of Arranged Marriage, parents force their sons and daughters to marry the person of their choice.

Although they say yes to their parent’s choice of the proposal.

But, the regret of being forced into “Arrange Marriage” seeps inside their hearts and keeps escalating to new heights every day.

The sole aim of the marriage is to avoid backlash from the parents and society.

Since they are married, so they will have s*x or intercourse.

S*x means pregnancy and the birth of a baby.

Although they have a baby in hand, which is supposed to mean that they are happily married, but the on-ground reality is totally different.

Why Your Parents Love Your Sibling More

Mother and Father hate each other and the baby becomes the sole reason to go for mending the marital relations till their last breath.

The divorce proceedings are a very very exhausting and expensive affair.

Why Your Parents Love Your Sibling More

Also, for the sake of parents’ pride and social stigma, they decide to carry on with the marriage, but with lots and lots of hate and regret.

This hate between mother and father unconsciously irritates both the parents and force them to behave badly with kids.

So, if you see your parents fight among themselves, right in the presence of kids, then be aware that they will also ill-treat you like kids, without themselves knowing the main reasons behind that ill-treatment.

So, the first child will be loved, but the second child will definitely be considered a liability.

What can you do about it?

Nothing! Just enjoy your life. Concentrate on your studies. Be financially independent as soon as possible. Marry a person you love.

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