Every human being wants to be the richest person on this planet. But how many actually are?

Therefore, we have a mission to bring out Explicit Facts which will help the readers to successfully differentiate between the rich from the poor. But, some people just fail to accept those facts, especially when we tell them that they’ll never be rich.

Not everyone can’t win the race! Everyone except the winner will have to accept defeat.

Got Graduation Degree in Subjects you Hate?

Everyone is not an Engineer and Doctor by birth. If you don’t like or understand both  Science then in no way you can become a good Engineer or Doctor. You will always remain a substandard technician who will never get a stream of their choice.

You get a job based on the subject you study in college during graduation or post-graduation. As you will never see an Engineer working as a Doctor or vice versa.

So, when you don’t like Science, then on what basis you will earn good grades in University exams and subsequently how will you make it to a good job or create a good business in the field of your expertise. The same rule is applicable to all streams of graduation and Post Graduation.

office worker hiding head in sand

So, a person who his dragging himself as Engineer, Doctor or Architect can never be a rich man, till the time he back to the field, which he loves by heart.

Just imagine Sachin Tendulkar studying in engineering college and passing out with the first-class degree. He did what he loved the most and made it to one of the richest cricketers of the World!

Guru Randhawa completed his MBA, but followed his heart and became a singer. On Youtube Channel, his songs rocks and he represents as one of the best singers in the country.

Moral of the story – Study what you love. Love what you Study.

If your goal in life is to be the richest man in this life or most successful man in the  field of your expertise, then this article is a great place to start from, because we will help you to evaluate your current life practices as well as help in figuring out what you need to improve upon immediately, if you actually want to increase your chances of success.

Getting rich is a very tricky task, which is ONLY possible with the combination of Intelligence Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Discipline, Creativity, Focus, Analysis, and sacrifices just to be able to trade with the future!

While staying poor, is the simplest option!

Married happily?

When you are not happy with the spouse, with whom you spend half of the day and sleep with, then there are very fewer chances that you will make it to rich. Although there are few exceptions too.

Unhappy marriage leads to wastage of time in sorting out each other. In the worst-case scenario, if you decide to apply for divorce, then a great amount of money gets wasted in sharing of divorce alimony or court proceeding. Court proceedings also suck in a lot of time, which could have been utilized to do other more important and constructive things.

Why are you not richt part 1

When you are not happy with your spouse means no good sex. Which means unsatisfied soul and the biological clock always in ticking mode. Leading to frustration inside the body. Few people decide to go for EXTRA MARITAL AFFAIRS, which creates problems of different intensity. I caught for spouse or society, then life goes in a different tangent.

Even if you don’t go for an extramarital affair, your body requirements will not let you focus on earning wealth. You will easily get distracted by any good looking person comes before your eyes. Problems after this point don’t need any further explanations.

Why are you not rich part 1

With unsatisfied family life and sex, you can find it extremely difficult to stay focus on your target to earn wealth.

If you love your spouse chances of getting wealthy increases!

Moral of the story – Marry the person you love!

Scared of failures?

Everyone knows very well about the climbers who died climbing Mount Everest and therefore, so they don’t even think to give one try. But there are many other Bravehearts, who in spite of knowing the same facts, decides to give it a try. From those brave hearts, many people die, while climbing to the top. But still few of them survive all the climatic and other related hardships and punched in their names in the history of the Successful Climbers who made it to the World’s Highest Peak.

Facing Fear Find Courage Be Brave Headlines 3d Illustration

Dhirubhai Ambani. Dhirubhai Ambani is an example of a great man who started from scratch, followed his dream and made it true. His father was a teacher and his family didn’t have a lot of money. He traveled with his family to Yemen at the age of 16 where he started his first job. After some time Dhirubhai returned back to India and founded his first company but things didn’t go well with his partner and the partnership came to an end.

Dhirubhai was above thirty when he started his second company. Shortly his new brand Vimal became popular and within years he became a billionaire.

Dhirubhai was mentioned in Forbes, chosen to be among the top businessmen in Asia and his financial empire today is worth more than 60 billion dollars. Dhirubhai died in 2002. (Courtesy – Wikipedia)

Tom Whittaker. Tom is the first disabled person to climb Mount Everest. He once said he loved living life like an eagle, rather than a vulture who takes what’s easy and in front of it, is a key to success.

why you are not rich part 1

Nobody wants to lose in life. But there’s a major difference between those who go towards their goals despite the fear of failure and those who choose not to try at all, due to their inbuilt fear factor.

Explicit Truth. You don’t get the chance to even fail many times in life. You only get a limited number of chances to win over the life you really want. If you fail all of the available chances, then your life might be worse than if you just played it safe. That’s the Explicit Truth of this game.

Fear is a natural phenomenon which is inbuilt deep inside, every human being on this planet and are beyond anyone’s control. It works well when you fight a mammoth when failure meant literal death. But in the present case, failure means you just have to start over.

If you invest your time and efforts in learning tricks of the game you want to win and get comfortable with the lessons learned while exploring the new option in life, you will get better at minimizing failure in life.

If you’re too scared to fail, that it’s stopping you from even trying, you’re not gonna make it!

Love, making Excuses?

Few situations in life are just out of your control and they happen, without your permission. You know that its not your fault. The system is unfair! This is how lazy bums justify their lack of success.

The Student Is Sitting At The Table And Is Looking For Excuses F

People hate to hear this because one day they realize that the World is not the main culprit. It’s their excuses or maybe them. The realization that you are not good enough, not working enough, not growing enough, not emotionally mature enough. These are all very scary things that most people don’t want to confront.

So people end up making excuses, where they try to blame their failure on everything except themselves. They expect the world to change so as to facilitate their current situation.

Slowly and conveniently, people have slowly started accepting their FAT & UNHEALTHY bodies, just because they don’t want to eat healthy food and do exercises. It’s easier to be part of such an excuse loving population than to take responsibility for your body and dedicate the next years to fixing it.

Courtesy – Youtube

The same rule applies to wealth Generation. Everybody is capable enough to change their financial situation in the next 5 years, but it demands effort. But even after knowing this some people still prefer to make excuses and blame the world for their misfortune, because it’s an easier way out.

Love spending more than your income?

If you spend more than you earn (both consciously and unconsciously), then not only you will never gonna be a rich person, but for sure you’re more likely to end up unimaginable poor.

For obvious reasons of unrealistic social pressures, people care more about physical appearances than they do about their good physical health or well being.

Portrait of a happy young woman in sunglasses throwing out money

There’s no shame in not being able to afford good clothes. The present realization that you can’t afford some things right now is what should motivate you to work hard and earn them later stage of your life. For that, too proper planning is mandatorily required.

What do people actually do? They choose the easy way out and take money on loan, in order to buy things they don’t really need and cannot afford, just to impress those people who don’t really care about them.

Many people prefer to buy things, they don’t need just because they are on sale!

Why do you need to upgrade every year to a new phone?

Why do you need supreme clothes? Do you understand how stupid that is?

Courtesy – Youtube

The problem isn’t that you want to buy these things, because that’s ok. The problem is that you’re not looking for ways to increase your income and instead you’re going deeper and deeper into debt or loan for liabilities…

Enjoy the company of Unsuccessful Friends?

If your closes friends are not as successful as you dream to be in future, you’re gonna be one of them or like them.

Unsuccessful Termination Employment Quit Retrenchment

Your circle defines your present and future, the ideas you engage with. Your friend circle will either be the reason why you’re going to go beyond your potential, or they’re gonna be the ones holding you back from reaching it.

Find your idols, find people you look up to and then behave like they are watching over you. If you’ve got the skills, find yourself a guide or mentor and add him as one of the people in your circle.

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Hate Discipline?

If you think you will get rich overnight or going to strike gold, get successful quick or hit the big jackpot, you’ll die waiting for that day or opportunity.

Discipline word cloud concept. Vector illustration on white

Building anything, requires time, focus and discipline.

Anonymous Quote, “Success is the sum of small actions repeated daily for extended periods of time!”

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The sooner you realize this golden truth, the sooner you can begin taking the small steps that will successfully lead you to your life’s destination.

Disciplined people get things done, no matter what they feel about it. If you can’t master your own laziness of fears, how do you expect to master the field you wish to conquer?

Not Upgrading your Knowledge?

Some people feel that after graduation and post-graduation, they have learned enough! They stop reading books. They stop learning new things. But is it good way?

If you happen to buy a mobile now, will you be able to survive with the same mobile rest of your life, assuming that the mobile never dies? The answer is Big No!

You will require mobile up-gradation due to various software update, new security features, better camera, compatibility with newly developed apps?

In the same manner, the graduation or post-graduation, which you did 5 to 10 years back also got useless, by the time you are assuming that you are a learned man! The books that you had read in college were developed and compiled based on the technology relevant then. with every passing year, the technology changes. Old models of mobiles, cars, watches get irrelevant with time. The same rule is applicable to you.

E-learning Online Study Learning Concept, Speaker At Business Wo

Better experiences come from software or educational upgrades.

Some people never upgrade, never fix what they’re lacking, never get to take full advantage of the opportunities available, because they choose not to. They never want to get out of their comfort zone.

Look at yourself for a second, before this article, what have you been doing today? How much of it was EDUCATION and how much of it was simple ENTERTAINMENT?

Learning is a lifelong process, you can actually never stop learning, because the moment you do, you’re stop growing, you’re just fading away with time.

Help yourself to get better.. You’re already reading this piece, meaning there’s something within you that wants more than you currently have, to be more than you currently are.

You’re struggling now because you’re not learning enough. The simplest method of keeping track is by how many books did you read last year? How many new courses did you manage to complete last year?

The average person reads 1 book per year. The average top CEO reads 30 books per year.

Courtesy – Youtube

The average person is poor while those the CEOs are rich. Also, the CEOs read for the purpose of learning, while the average person reads for entertainment. Biographies and Self-Help books need to be your next best friend.

Read about the stories of great men and women, how they made their decisions, how they found their passion, how they faced risk, failure, and humiliation. That’s how you grow. You study people like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk or anyone else you look up to.

You need to bring those numbers up if you don’t want to end up like everyone else.

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