What Do Men Want from a Woman?

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What Do Men Want from a Woman?


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There are tons of information available on the internet that talks about “Dream Gentleman“, which not only has been covered on the internet, books and other famous blockbuster movies but not much has been discussed about Dream Lady.SEMrush

If you wish to become an alpha lady or “Dream Lady”, then it is essential to master as many of the qualities mentioned below as you can.

If you do, then you will that people will treat you differently.

You will feel better.

You will feel more powerful and more in control of the world around you.

These qualities are not about appealing to some imaginary male fantasy of the “Perfect Woman” but about evolving into the best person of yourself.

Let’s dive into what man wants from her “What Do Men Want from a Woman?”.

Someone To Have Great Sex With.

A woman needs a very good reason to have sex… but a man needs just a “place to have sex”.

Sex is an essential part of any healthy relationship, and doesn’t think it’s something to brush to the side.

It’s what builds passion. It relieves stress, and it makes the relationship fun.Load WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms!What Do Men Want from a Woman? If you avoid sex, be assured that even your husband will abandon you for a lady who is extremely good in bed. However, will there be any difference left between you as a wife in a sexless marriage and your husband’s female colleagues in the office?

There’s always room to improve in this department.

Start with what you’re comfortable with, and feel free to experiment. First, learn about sex and orgasm and then try to participate in bed actively.

Most of the time, ladies expect their husbands to initiate sex. I’m afraid that’s not right.

When ladies play active roles in all spheres of life, and there is no place left where women are not competing against their male counterparts, then why always expect male partners to initiate sex?

Even ladies shall learn to take the lead in love and sex.

If you spend the rest of your life with this person, you might as well look through the entire menu.dream lady

Just let your partner know what you want in bed.

It’s always weird when people stop having sex.

You can tell a couple who hasn’t been sexually active with their partners.

They act differently as frustration piles up within, which one cannot express openly.

No one has the guts to confess they are frustrated due to craving sex or intimacy!

The frequency of incidents where one partner picks up a fight is very high.

So, the next time you see anyone frustrated in his or her everyday life, in 80% of the cases, they behave so due to lack of sexual intimacy in their relationships.

Take this opportunity to assess yourself and check if that’s you.

Book an escape for the weekend with your partner, somewhere you can enjoy yourselves.

Take the initiative, or regret it for the rest of your life!

Knows, What She Wants.

This one’s simple.

Don’t play games.

You’re either in or you’re out.

You’re either going to work on this relationship, or it’s just something to keep each other day busy.

Be decisive about your intentions and where you want this relationship to go.

Don’t send mixed signals.

Make yourself clear and act accordingly.

There’s nothing wrong with not being ready to start a family or looking to explore other options.

But make sure you keep these things clear and hold yourself accountable by the same rules you have for your partner.

If you’re feeling lost in life, your priority should always be figuring out what you want from life.

And, even more importantly, what you want from life in this stage that you find yourself in.

Once you answer these questions for yourself, you’ll see everything else falls into place.

Because you finally have a “North Star” to guide your actions and expectations.


We wanted to take care of this one straight out of the gate.

Yes, we are biological beings programmed to reproduce.

Yes, we are a selfish species, who judges a book by its cover, but the looks are more than that.

How a person looks tells the world much about who this person is.

Your aspect is like your personal life resume stapled to your forehead.

Men have different preferences in terms of physical appearance, but they all want you to be healthy.

They want to know if you’re taking care of your body.

This translates to the flush of your skin, the fitness of your body and the energy the person is putting out.

dream lady

So, ladies, make an all-out effort to look better and make it a priority because when you look great, you feel great.

Here’s a protip for the ladies out there. 

Men prefer a more natural look to the detriment of more colourful makeup.

In nature, bright colours are meant to signal a creature is poisonous.

Also, if you use makeup as the foundation of your looks, make sure you blend it into your eyes.

Nobody wants to see you looking like those Neapolitan ice creams.

The secret is to use every tool at your disposal to improve your look but do it so that they can’t tell you’re doing it.

Still not convinced?

We hope you have seen many millionaires having beautiful ladies around them at all times, in the name of being their secretary or event manager (Whereas the wife may be silently staying at home and looking after the home and kids!).


Before we get into this, there’s a fine line between a confident woman and one who is arrogant.

You better learn the difference between confidence and arrogance because one sparks fire on the people around her, while the other drives people away.

Although some men say they find confident women intimidating, it’s more about education than anything else.

If you grew up in a family where your parents didn’t treat each other as equals, and then you find a girl who’s already killing it in life, this messes with your internal analytics.

dream lady

Confident women have priorities, and they’re going after them.

They know their Worth. 

They don’t take unnecessary shit and will call you out on your bullshit.

Every real man wants a woman he can take pride in, a person he can proudly call his partner.

Only weak men go for obedient women if you want a maid or a nanny, it would be cheaper and less stressful to contract one.


The age of the bimbo is over.

Yes, they might look interesting.

But in the same way, you would have fun looking at and riding a giraffe, you wouldn’t want it living in your house.

Would you?

dream lady

Men look for someone who shares their curiosity about the world. 

Someone who can hold a conversation.

Being smart has little to do with academics, although some points can be made there.

Insteadmen are looking for someone with depth over superficiality.

Someone who’s been well-read.

Who can connect the dots and talk from a position of, “I know what I’m talking about”, instead of just screaming?

The brighter you are, the more you understand the world and can rationalize other people’s behaviours.

And by doing that, you can act accordingly.

Being stupid isn’t cool.

Despite living in the most connected time in history, with access to free knowledge, we’re seeing a rise in stupidity in the West.

The rise of the anti-vaxxer Flat Earth movements is just two example.

Someone Who Has Dreams and Goals for Herself.

There’s something beautiful when you find someone who dreams big and has a plan on how to get there.

Never forget the second part.

For most people, all they do is a dream.

It’s exciting to hear from others on a journey about how far they have come and where they’re going.

dream lady

Men look for someone who’s going the same way they are.

The last thing you want to be an add-on to someone else’s life. It might be easy to do so.

But give it enough time, and something builds inside of you.

Something that wants to break out. 

It’s the regret that you lived through someone else’s vision and goals.

Although you might enjoy it, there is even greater satisfaction when you achieve your dreams.

Someone Who Can Take Care of Herself.

There’s nothing more significant than finding someone who doesn’t need you… but chooses to be with you.

That’s freedom and true love.

dream lady

Real men will always step up to the occasion when the time comes to provide, and real women will do the same.

There’s so much value and having a partner who’s an asset in the relationship and not a liability.

People who can take care of themselves add value to the relationship and strengthen it.

You want to become someone in control of her life and then share that life with the person you love.

Knows How to Communicate.

You hear it over and over again in all marriage counselling sessions.

Communication is key.

Yet, people still fail to communicate what they want and what they wish to change.

This failure to put into words the ideas that have been eating away at your soul, is one of the biggest reasons relationships fall apart.

If you don’t like something… Say it clearly.

Stop expecting other people to read your mind, and they know the answer to your answers.

Being a mighty woman is about making it clear, where you stand.

Here’s something we want you to take away from this point that’s incredibly valuable.

Both in relationships and personal life.

You can’t be mad at someone if you don’t clarify your expectations of the result.

Yes, it means yes!

No means No!

If you don’t want something, just say it.

Don’t overcomplicate the simple things.

Someone Who Admires and Supports Him.

Men are looking for someone who doesn’t take them for granted.

Everyone wants a partner that feels lucky to be with them.

dream lady

It gives you a sense of value and builds up your bond.

Find yourself a girl who will cheer you on when undertaking a new project. Who you know is in your corner, ready to motivate you to try again.

It’s weird when we see toxic relationships, where one of the partners is so insecure, that they feel the need to put the other one down, to cut their wings, because they’re scared of their potential.

You’re a team you’re supposed to help each other grow and reach new milestones, together!

Someone Who Will Make a Great Parent.

We said it before, and we’ll repeat it. Her mindset will raise your children, not her body or good looks.

Starting a family is a scary process for everyone. Nobody knows precisely what they’re doing. The articles “Pregnancy Blues” and “New Mothers: Journey on Lonely Road” have adequately covered this topic.

Contrary to what most women think, successful men always try to figure out how great of a mother someone could be.

dream lady

Raising children should always be a team effort; you want to know that the other person can fill those gaps. You can’t fill yourself.

Relationships change with time. They evolve.

The environment changes, and we morph into different versions of ourselves.

Just because you’re having fun and listening to the same jams in your 20s, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be the right fit in another ten years.

Never bring a child into this world if you’re not committed to raising it to become a better version of both of you.

If you’re young but have an interest in learning about yourself.

How to build valuable relationships and even get ready to become a parent.

A Positive Attitude with the Right Amount of Realism.

Nobody wants a partner that’s always a downer.

Positive people have a way of bringing energy levels up.

dream lady

They see the half-full part of the glass.

You need those people in your life, and you need them most in your household.

There needs to be a healthy dose of realism in that mix. Otherwise, you’re just kidding yourselves and living in Equestrian land.

Tell it like it is, and then figure out the best action.

Good Taste

Good taste and good vibes are so crucial that chemistry flows in the air.

There’s something about a woman that understands beauty and quality that makes them attractive.

You’re supposed to explore the world’s beauty together and see how much of it you can implement in your life. That’s what fine living is all about.

It’s a fantastic experience when someone introduces you to something new you didn’t know you liked.

Be that person for those around you, and you’ll begin to see how they look differently at you.

Not to mention this ultimately saves you from being trashy.

To understand poor taste, you first need to be able to tell the difference.

You wouldn’t be walking around with those bizarre nails if you did. This never looks right.

Reliable, Honest and Emotionally Stable.

These three all fall into the same characteristic.

You need to know you can count on the person you’re with to be truthful.

To keep their word and not act all crazy for no reason.

Being with someone who’s not like this is draining and challenging, making you not enjoy life.

These are some of the most important traits you can improve in life.

You’ll see that most of your relationships with others, personal or professional, are directly influenced by how high you rank on these three.

The more reliable you are perceived to be, the quicker you’ll progress financially and professionally.

People know they can count on you to deal with emerging problems. Making you perfect for top management positions.

In the same way, your partner will know that you are emotionally stable, and you can be there for them when things take a turn for the worse.

Someone, He Can Be Proud to Be With.

Men like to take pride in their partners, not in the “look at my trophy wife” way you’re probably thinking of.

But in the “she’s such an amazing person” and “I’m fortunate to be with her” kind of Way.

This works for both sides.

dream lady

If you’re not feeling this about your partner, think twice before committing.

Think of who you are.

If you will, a personal resume of your values, actions, history, and how people think of you and your achievements.

If you’re not proud of yourself, nobody else will be.

Start putting your life in order.

Get those initial steps in and build yourself up first.

Then somebody who can appreciate you at your actual value will show up, and it will be amazing.

Someone That Genuinely Loves Him.

This is our forever desire.

Finding someone who loves us back at least as much as we love them.

Love is complicated.

It’s not all rainbows and sunshine.

dream lady

It requires work, sacrifice, forgiveness and a willingness to figure things out together.

We are complicated. Relationships are complicated.

But if you feel strongly about someone, you’ll make an effort.

That’s what we’re all looking for.

Someone, Who’s Both a Follower and a Leader.

We know this might come as counter-intuitive based on everything we said today.

But it’s not what you expect it to be.

Men want to feel in power and need to fill the shoes of a protector and a provider.

They want a woman who allows them to be that to feel like a real man.

These genetic masculine traits have been embedded in their genetic code since they were hunting saber teeth, and it feels like we’re going through a bit of a Dee-masculinization phase of men.

There’s a very long conversation on the topic, but being a strong man doesn’t mean women have to be weak or the other way around.

dream lady

It means we need to be strong at what we can be intense at and allow the other person to take charge, where they obviously can outperform their counterparts.

Women don’t need to become like men, and men don’t need to become like women for equality to be achieved.

Instead, why don’t we all try to take the best care we can of ourselves and those around us?

If this is the goal of being the best possible version, we can be. Everybody wins!

Lastly, we are interested to hear from you… What do men look for in a woman?

What would you add to this list?

Let’s start a conversation in a comment section and see if we can hear from both men and women, hoping to make it valuable for everyone.

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