Secrets of Billionaire Club (Part 3)

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Continued from “Secrets of Billionaire Club (Part 2)


In this third chapter of “Secrets of Billionaire Club”, Team Explicit Facts will try to explain the few “Rules of Money” followed by each and every Billionaire. These secrets have been proved relevant for centuries, which actually helps a person to turn himself into a Billionaire.

We as a team understood these golden rules very hard ways, after committing each of mistake, ourselves. We are imbibing these rules in our blood, so as to enter into Billionaire Club.

We will try to relate all these rules with real-life examples, so as to help you understand them easily.

Spend Less Than You Earn

We know this sounds obvious, but we still can’t believe, just how many people break this fundamental rule.

There is a large population, who just don’t care about the reason. They credit card everything.

There is an even larger portion of this population, who spends everything they earn.

The first ones are already drowning. The second ones are one wave away from joining them.

Your inability to control your thirst for spending is the reason, why you don’t feel like your life is moving forward. These people get seduced by money. They enslaved themselves with bad debt. They left their pride. Emotions take control of their spending. All debt is inevitably paid back with interest.

If you can’t afford to buy it now, you can’t afford to buy it with interest on top.

If you’re one of those people who don’t like to budget things because it makes them feel cheap. It’s okay! As long as you still obey the rule. You can either spend less or earn more… The choice is yours.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying an opulent lifestyle, as long as you make sure, you’re bringing in an excessive capital and that at least some on that income is going to your personal safety net. You know, the thing you fall back on if you get into a car crash tomorrow and can’t work for the next six months.

In our experience, there are two kinds of people.

First, are the ones who love to optimize and budget.

Second, are those who want to play it big.

Both of them can get rich.

For those of you looking for the slow and sure way to wealth, read the famous Book, “Money: Master The Game” by Tony Robbins.

For those who would rather risk it all for the big return… Read another famous book, “The Millionaire Fastlane” by MJ DeMarco,

Money Is Your Personal Army

Money is just like your personal army, who should go out and bring back prisoners.

Billionaire investor Kevin O’Leary kept pushing this metaphor and now it’s something we’ve incorporated into the way, we think about money.

Every dollar you have is your personal Soldier. Every morning you send them out onto the battlefield. Some will die. Some Will Conquer. Your goal is for more of them to return back home with prisoners.

If you start thinking about your money as your freedom soldiers, you’ll begin to be a lot more careful over the troops, you give away when someone asks to borrow some of your soldiers… That is money.

Every time you give someone money, you run the risk of this person killing your soldiers and never seeing them again. Soldiers that would have served you Well.

The Right Life Partner Can Make You Rich. The Wrong Partner Can Make You Poor

We know you all must be thinking, “what is this have to do with the money?”

You’ll never understand just how expensive it is, to be with the wrong person, until you are.

Expensive not just because divorces are expensive and if you don’t know what you’re doing… They’re going to take half of your shit because the wrong person can hold you down. They’re so close to you. They have the power to alter your fate. They can help build your wings for growth or they can chain you to the ground.

We cannot stress enough, just how important it is, to be with the right person.

Someone to call your partner, who is willing to go through this journey we call “life”, together with you.

You need this person to be strong, competent and have the same goals and desires as you do.

For the road ahead of you that will be filled with ups and downs with hardships. And nobody who isn’t fully committed to this journey, will be able to push through.

Find the right person and life will be a marvelous adventure.

Money Will Solve All Of Your Money Problems. Nothing Less. Nothing More!

For some reason, people expect money to solve every problem out there. It’s true. It can solve most of the problems, but certainly not every single one of them.

Money is like a universal key, which can open more related locks.

Need a roof over your head, money can solve that.

Wondering what you’re going to eat tonight? Money’s got you covered!

Your kids need school supplies, the money will come to the rescue.

These are all money issues. Money works on them.

But it’s stupid to think that just because you have a key, you can go through a brick wall, even if there’s no door in sight.

If you’re poor, then all you see surrounding you is money problems.

Once you overcome these, you end up realizing that there are other types of problems out there, where money has a little to no power.

Poor people always judge, when someone successful commits suicide because that’s all they can see. An Abundance of money and how could anybody need anything more than money?

However, you cannot expect a rich mindset from poor minded people.

There Are People, Who Have Money. Then There Are People, Who Are Wealthy!

This is where we get into the Finesse side of things. It kind of works like the Natural Evolution of the previous rule.

What does wealth mean? When do you know you’re wealthy?

For us, wealth is that point in your life where your desires and expectations match your reality. That’s when you win.

But it’s about the winning combination of all pillars in your life like Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Relationships and Finance.

It’s pretty much like collecting all the “Infinity Stones” of a successful life.

Some people are lucky if they get one or two of the five combinations mentioned above, yet there are some become actually wealthy.

The peculiar thing is that all these combinations or pillars are connected.

It’s hard to win at relationships when you’re emotionally damaged.

It’s hard to build your Financial Empire if your relationship sucks and so on.

This why you see rich people who are not happy or fulfilled. In their pursuit of financial gain, they forgot all about the other pillars.

Would You Rather Be Tired or Broke? It’s Your Choice!

We believe this from the bottom of our hearts.

Every person can achieve financial success if they choose to stop being lazy.

Most people think that being lazy is the opposite of working hard. But that’s not quite the truth.

If all it took was working hard, then the richest people in the world would be coal miners, with the people installing roofs during the rainy season. No!

Being lazy has to do with your mindset, with your choice of picking hard things, over convenient things.

By choosing to read the articles of Explicit Facts, instead of some website, or reading a self-help book instead of watching reality TV, or sleeping two hours less than your friends… so that you can work on your project.

Not being lazy, requires you to sacrifice comfort in the present for the potential of the future.

Not being lazy means, do the things they are not willing to do today. So that you can live the way, they can’t tomorrow.

Money Likes to Flow. Hates Stagnation

Money hates getting bored or stagnant.

It hates it so much it, usually either dies off or flees to someone else who knows what to do with it.

Money is kind of like a mako shark. It has to keep swimming, if it wants to stay alive.

Money loses value when it sits and grows in value when it’s used.

Here something. You’re probably unaware of the fact… that If you had $50,000 and put it under your bed for ten years. At the end of the trial, your $50,000 would be worth approximately $30,000 in real market place value. This happens because of inflation, the rise of property prices, development, the cost of living increases, etc. That’s the cost of letting money get bored.

Put enough money aside for a rainy day and have it protected from inflation.

Everything else uses it to fortify your castle. Built things. Grow things. Use the money, for what it’s meant to be used for.

Never Be A Slave To Money. Become Its Master!

And there goes our monetization for this article. Hey everyone! Team Explicit Facts is over here, talking about slaves again.

Nobody wants to be a slave. Yet to the way society works, we are enslaving ourselves.

We’ve invented this amazing tool called “Debt”. Some people use it to set themselves free. While others will lose the freedom they had to begin with.

“Bad Debt” is just the latest form of slavery.

The moment you borrow money for whatever reason, your life is no longer yours. It belongs to the creditors or to the people who loaned you the money.

You will literally have to trade hours of your life, in order for the proceeds of that work to go to someone else. If that’s not slavery, we don’t know what is?

Money is always floating in between. You either own money or money owns you.

Your only goal is to be the master of money because the alternative is just terrible.

Once you do, the money will work for you. It will grow and will keep you safe till your last breath.

You Have To Seduce Money. Don’t Let Money Seduce You!

Don’t let money seduce you. This is an extension to rule number mentioned above.

Money is slippery. It has tricks and can be dangerous because of its potential.

In the same way, a knife in the hands of a professional sushi chef is a loyal servant. But in the hands of a child, the knife becomes dangerous.

Money has the appeal of showing you everything, you can do with it… all that is possible and it is easy to fall prey to its charms… because who wouldn’t want to fulfill their fantasies. But that’s exactly how money escapes from you.

The moment you gave in, that’s when you open the door for the money to slip away.

We have seen it numerous times, with people who won incredible fortunes and ended up broke and miserable just a few years later.

Our website is filled with examples of people, whose life was ruined by an influx of money because they had no idea how to control it… how to master it.

Don’t let money seduce you and see it for what it actually is. A Tool.


Any of these rules listed down in two chapters of “Rules of Money” are valuable and strong enough to build wealth for those who are not only aware of them but to put them to good use.

Team Explicit Facts would like to congratulate for the choice you made today. 

Thanks a million times for being an “Explicit Facter” to remain committed towards your growth, self-development and choosing us as your partner in this journey.

In the comment, the section you will find people to be just like you… With the same goals and drive to become more, to become better.

That’s why we are curious to know, which rules sparked the biggest flame inside of yourself?

Which one do you treasure the most?

Share it with the community in the comment and let’s help each other grow.

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