Secretly Filmed During Sex?

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Secretly Filmed During Sex?


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Sex is one of the most important evolutions of the human species.

But with the advancement of technology, a new industry is booming, known as Porn Industry.

Now without wasting any time, let’s dive into the topic, “Secretly Filmed During Sex?

Real-Life Incident 1

Sex may not exactly be new in posh Delhi schools.

But was the cell phone with video recording and MMS facilities.SEMrush Two Class XI students had sex on their school premises and shot the act with a cell phone enabled with Multimedia Messaging Service or MMS. 

The girl was filmed secretly by the boy while giving a blowjob to him in the school’s science laboratory.

Parents and teachers were shocked by the incident’s news, but a video of three to four minutes duration had been the most widely known secret at that school for one month.

The video is said to have explicit footage of the two students of 17 years of age engaging in sexual activities. 

The girl’s face is visible in the clip, circulating among students, passing from one MMS-enabled equipment camera phone in popular parlance to another. 

Some are believed to have downloaded that video from some Internet sites.

Both students were from affluent backgrounds, where the boy was from a business class family, and the girl’s father is said to be in the services.

A school student said: “It is not as if these incidents don’t happen in other schools. Just because of what one person did, all of us are being branded. I think what my mother said when she heard about it sums it all up. She told me that I should change my school.”

The statement merely confirms the fact that sex does take place in Delhi’s schools, and if it’s happening in the capital, there is no reason to believe other cities are immune, in which case changing schools will not help.

Worried and well-off parents have given their children cell phones, for security reasons, to help them seek help by contacting parents in an emergency. 

But then they also send their children to school for a purpose other than sex.

Few Uncomfortable Questions

All of us watched the above news in shocked shell mode. 

We all may be remembering the girl’s face visible in that MMS, but did the media try to find out the boy’s identity?

Was that secretly recorded MMS the only problem, or was there a more significant issue to be sorted out, both by parents and school authorities? Like sex education imparted at the right age.

Is it not the right time to wake up and take up the long-pending issue of Sex Education with teens?

Who is responsible for Sex Education, school, or parents?

Is the boy at fault for making the MMS video without the girl’s consent and then uploading it on the internet or circulating it among his friends?

Is the girl not at fault for having blind faith over his boyfriend in letting him record the intimate moments, which was supposed to be a secret between both?

What did the boy gain after circulating that video with his friends or uploading that MMS video on the internet?

Was his aim to tarnish the girl’s image 


To earn few extra bucks by selling it to some porn website 


To allow his friends to know that he is a “HE-MAN”, who can do MANLY THINGS at a very young age?

Can we blame the parents of both girl and boy for this fiasco?

Understanding Sex and Its Relevance in Human Life

Ultimate Pleasure. Sex is supposed to be an act of attaining the utmost pleasure of life. As per social norms, a man needs to have sex only with his wife.



After Marriage Only? Suppose anyone thinks of having sex before Marriage. In that case, it’s just not acceptable in many countries, special mention to the Indian Subcontinent, and is to be punished by whatever means possible.

Pre-Marital Sex? Oops! In the 1980s, the correct marriage age was supposed to be around 25 years. With the rising cost of living and ever-increasing ambitions, the marriage age is being pushed to a later part of life. 

But the human body has its biological clock timings, ticking at its speed, so the concept of pre-marital sex becomes more relevant.

Marriage Arranged? Also, Arrange Marriage is the more prominent social norm in the Indian Subcontinent, which never considers girls or boys’ choices concerning the spouse. This situation leads to marriage problems and subsequently unhappy Marriage and unfulfilled sex.

Women Empowerment. An increase in women’s exposure in the form of industries leading to the situation where both males and females work under the same professional conditions. 

Also, in the office, both sexes spend more time together than their spouse at home.

As mentioned above, all these conditions lead to two states, pre-marital sex, and extra-marital affairs, where sex is very actively involved in both situations.

Porn Websites and their Relevance

Confused BodyWith ever pushing marriage age beyond biologically acceptable limits and ever ticking of biological clocks in parallel form, there is a requirement to release accumulated sexual stress within one body. 

One way is to involve in sex (pre-marital in most cases), and the other is to masturbate (when a person is shy of getting involved in pre-marital sex). 

In both cases, porn videos help the individual to spice up the sexual journey.



Although porn websites are illegal everywhere, still Porn Industry is a Billion Dollars’ worth of industry and growing multifold each year!!

Restricted Access in Past. In older times, when cell phones were not available to the public, porn videos shot by professional cameramen and crew were the only available option. 

These videos used to be expensive to shoot; a large amount of money is required to pay the actors and camera crew. 

As a result, the visitors of porn websites had to shell out money to have access to porn videos.

Freely Available Homemade Intimate Videos

Advanced Technology. With the advance of mobile technology, which has a better quality of the camera, the ordinary person got the power to record anything and everything under the sun. 

These videos’ advantages are that they don’t require any professional team to shoot videos and can be shot with zero investments.

Just camera, actors ready? And Action aka Bang Bang Recording!

Home Recorded Intimate Videos. You may have noticed there are some videos that professionals do not record, but at home. 

The most private moment of two people having sex, most typically a girlfriend and boyfriend or husband and wife, is getting disclosed in front of the entire world through porn websites on the internet.The Ultimate Managed Hosting PlatformSecretly Filmed During Sex? A person needs one partner for sex, a camera with good resolution (hidden in most cases), and BOOM! 

The uploading facility of these videos is also made very quickly. 

Anyone with mobile and internet can easily upload a video to any porn website without much hassle.

Porn Revolution. Therefore, the mobile industry’s advancement and cheaply available internet data have revolutionized the porn industry. 

With traffic in million, these porn websites earn a good amount of money in the advertisement. 

With the cheap homemade videos, the accessibility of these videos on porn websites is now FREE!!!

All porn sites only run up on these homemade intimate videos. 

It’s not just illegal, but they are also breaking the trust of their partners and disintegrating society’s fine fabric.

The Problem: Exponential Rise in Intimate Private Videos Uploads on Porn Websites

There are several reasons why youngsters are interested in making intimate videos and posting them on porn sites, and we analyzed a few of them as mentioned below: –

All Porn Websites are Easily Accessible. Nowadays, private videos can be easily uploaded to porn sites is because of their straightforward and free accessibility. 

There is no sort of restrictions implied in most porn sites. 

Some people recruit photographers or videographers to create blue films and upload the same on the website.

Porn Websites Pay a lot of money. Nowadays, porn videos are a matter of need, but it has become a large Billion Dollars business. 

The porn sites are making a lot of money due to the constant supply of intimate homemade videos and millions of traffic from advertisements. 

With kids becoming sexually active at the age of 13 or 14 but not having access to sex, they quickly resort to a porn website to quench their biological bursts due to possession of high-end smartphones and cheap internet plans.

With the marriage age being pushed to around 30 years, everyone is afraid of pre-marital sex under social pressure or parents but needs to burst his natural thirst. So, the demand for porn movies increases.

Once a porn video is uploaded on the internet, it remains there if that website is live. So, each uploaded video gets Millions and Millions of views, thus attract advertisements. This way, Billions and Billions of Dollars are produced.

The more they produce, the more their views and subscribers will visit those websites, which causes them significant monetary benefits. 

Therefore, porn websites pay a lot of money for every intimate video, which is captured by couples or one person involved in the act. 

It is also a long time acknowledged that “supply is much lower than demand”.

Dream Life through Free Money. Earning money is tough these days. 

No one wants to live poor.

Everyone wants to have expensive cars, mobile, and homes. 

Nowadays, to have a dream girlfriend or a beautiful wife, you need to have everything mentioned above.


But no one wants to work hard.

How Uploading Porn Videos Helps?

Extravagant Lifestyle and Debts. A luxurious lifestyle and readily available loans go hand in hand. 

House and Cars. As soon one gets a job, the first thing done is to search for a good and house and car on loans at high interest rates.

Credit Cards. Also, with banks throwing credit cards at very lucrative offers, which improves the shopping capability manifolds, managing debt in our day to day life is getting more difficult. 

The maximum credit limit of any credit card is five times the monthly income of a person. Now, if he or she uses up the total credit capacity of his or her card, how is he or she supposed to pay back on time?

Trapped? Sometimes, to get out of these loans’ trap, young people resort to selling self-made intimate videos to porn websites.


Is money more important than a Partner’s Emotions?

This addiction to earning easy money from this source has made people play with others’ emotions. 

They are just not bothered for: –

(a) How do their partner feel after noticing that their private moment was recorded and shamelessly displayed in front of the world as entertainment video?

(b) What will happen to their partner when the porn video is circulated?

(c) What will be the partner’s position in the family and society?


Revenge. Sometimes, people upload intimate videos to square out with the ex-partners in the form of revenge. 

People do break up with their ex-partners due to distinct reasons under the sun. 

Sometimes, the left-out partner feels cheated and resort to taking revenge by selling intimate videos, shot during old happy times, to porn websites. 

In this case, the aim is to tarnish the image of the ex-partner.

Extramarital Affair and Divorce? Many a time, one of the spouses catches the other cheating with an extramarital affair. So, to ensure a smooth divorce proceeding, they try to secretly record the sexual act to show it as proof of infidelity at the court of law.

Blackmail/ Honey Trap. Sometimes, a honey trap is laid to corner rich people (for easy money) or people involved with defence forces. They are asked to shell out cash in Million Dollars or some secret share documents, respectively, to avoid uploading videos to porn websites.

Courtesy – YouTube

With the shame attached to honey trapped content of the video, the deal is sorted out behind closed doors. 

In many cases, the victims are double-crossed, and videos are uploaded even after successful payment or sharing of secret documents. 

No importance to protect Online Privacy. No one spends time finding our importance to protect their online privacy and ways to protect it

Final Solution: Porn Videos? 

Uploading private videos has become a significant source of easy income for many people, earned without much hard work. 

Just enjoy sex, capture the moment in your mobile or portable camera, and upload them on porn websites in exchange for a handsome amount of money. 

Such money is easily accessible for youngsters and a secure source of income for unemployed people.

Real-Life Incident 2

A businessman was arrested for raping a woman. 

The victim alleged that the accused had been blackmailing and raping her for the past two years.

The accused was identified as Sunit (named changed). 

The accused had been blackmailing the victim using an MMS clip recorded in the year 2017.

The victim had met the accused at an event. 

The accused and the victim entered a relationship and even moved in together. 

The victim discovered in 2017 that the accused had spiked her drink and filmed the two of them in a compromising position.

After learning about the clip, the victim asked the accused about it, but he avoided conversation. 

After the confrontation, the accused changed his attitude towards the victim.

The accused started physically assaulting the victim. 

Following the continuous assault, the victim decided to go back to Uttar Pradesh.

After being engaged to a lawyer, the victim returned to Mumbai. 

After her return, the accused started stalking the victim. 

The accused threatened the victim and said that he would post the MMS on social media. 

The victim succumbed to the threats and agreed to the accused’s demands.

Men’s Supremacy 

The aftereffects of uploaded secretly filmed porn videos do not cause any problems for the guy. 

Even if a guy appears in a secretly recorded porn video in a country like India, he will face some backlash, although not as much as a girl would. 

The girl is caught featuring in some porn video, and then in most probability, she will be murdered by her family members.

However, men who post intimate porn videos on the internet have gotten out of the resultant mess without paying much price.

How often, we only see the girl naked while the guy’s face is blurred? Most of the time!

This happens because the guys, after recording the porn video, edit that video, where they blur their own faces, before uploading the video to avoid any potential backlash.

In the Indian subcontinent, watching porn videos is Men’s task. 

Women are just not expected to visit porn websites

So, it is easily assumed by males that even if they secretly record the private moment of intimacy in their mobile, there is no way the concerned lady should ever find out.

Therefore, he can keep shooting videos of their intimate moments and keep uploading them to porn sites to earn money.

Joint Venture for Future 

A lot of couples like kinky things, and filming their private moments is one of them. 

Often, the wife or girlfriend will have no problem being filmed and will even face the camera while getting her brains humped out, as the excitement is the same for both males and females.

However, she believes private content may get uploaded online by her boyfriend or husband in exchange for a handsome amount of money.

How Does It Happen?

There are few significant ways through which these private intimate videos are getting uploaded on porn videos, a few of which are mentioned below: –

Uploading Own Videos. This is one of the significant sources of home-made intimate videos.


People are making intimate videos with their partners and uploading them on porn sites. 

You can find several people who have made this a business or source of income, where they earn money from the viewership of the uploaded intimate videos on porn sites.

Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tapes!

Do you remember Kim Kardashian?

Did you remember her before uploading her sex video? In most probability, the answer will be NO!

Kim Kardashian, who previously was secretary of Paris Hilton, another famous personality featured in another porn video, got her celebrity status after the whole world spied on her recorded sex video.

Courtesy – YouTube

Although Kim Kardashian may keep regretting publicly uploading her sex video, the entire world knows that she had purposely recorded that porn video and subsequently uploaded it on the internet for name and fame.

It was only after this uploading of her porn video and she turned out to be a Millionaire! Many reports claim that her mother was also involved in porn video recording and its upload.

Hacking into Mobile, Laptops, etc

We all love to buy expensive gadgets like smartphones, laptops, tabs, etc., but don’t bother to learn tricks to keep them hack-proof. 

In the case of android mobiles, while downloading any app, we willingly give away all permissions it asks before installation, without even checking why that app requires that sort of approval. 

For example, if a duplicate content removing app seeks permission to access your contact details, then the alarm bell needs to ring in your mind.

Many hackers hack into digital devices connected to the internet like computers, laptops, cell phones, tabs, etc., get private videos extracted from them, and upload them on porn sites. 

Though this is illegal; and many cases are being filed against such offences. 

But the number of hacking cases is so huge and the exponential technological advancement where hackers successfully shield their digital tracks, thus making it impossible to track their digital trace…

Courtesy – YouTube

That’s why it’s essential to protect your online privacy, and everyone needs to learn ways to protect it

Secret Recording in Hotels/ Rental Properties 

You often rent a room or book rooms in hotels, where secret cameras are fitted in some remote corner (without your knowledge), where the whole room’s view will be accessible.

Such rooms are consciously rented out to honeymoon couples, as the success rate of getting the meaty videos is very high. 

The unsuspicious couples never realize that their private moments are being secretly recorded by some camera fitted in some remote location. 

Also, they rarely try to scan the room properly before or after taking over space.

Courtesy – YouTube

Rape Videos

There have been many instances where a rapist or gang of rapists shot the sex video while raping the victim. 

Then the victim is told to keep quiet, or else the culprit threatens the victim to upload the video on the social media platform. 

Due to the fear of getting social humiliation due to the public broadcast of sex (or rape) videos, the victim prefers to remain silent. 

There have been cases, where despite victims’ silence, rape videos have been uploaded on social media platforms.

Courtesy – YouTube

Real-Life Incidents

A woman was raped by five persons in front of her husband in Rajasthan’s Alwar district in India. 

On 26 April 2019, the incident took place when the woman was travelling on a bike with her husband.

The suspects stopped them on the Thanagazi-Alwar bypass and dragged the couple to an isolated area, where they raped the woman and threatened her husband with dire consequences.

Later, the suspects also filmed the crime and uploaded the video on social media. 

A similar incident happened in Pakistan.

Courtesy – YouTube

Uncomfortable Questions

Who watches these rape videos?

Do people enjoy watching these rape videos?

Will they enjoy such content if someone rapes their mother, wife or daughter? Or will their point of view regarding such content will change?

How do the viewers gain in life after watching such rape videos?

Are these viewers not equally responsible like the rapists and uploaders of the rape videos, who create demand for such online content?

Do we need to wait for such an incident to happen with our family members or us before realising the damage caused by such content on society as a whole?

Real-life Incident 2

One of the issues that happened to one family in Ireland is shown in the video below: –

Courtesy – YouTube

From these above-mentioned primary sources, homemade intimate videos are being leaked and exposed in public.

Impact on the victim

In most cases, the other partner (mostly female partners) does not even have any idea that their intimate moment is being captured, and later, it will be uploaded on porn sites. 

This is not only a matter of breaking someone’s trust but also a matter of humanity. 

Let’s analyze different sections related to such an offence.

In most cases, only females happen to be visible on these videos, who were not aware that a video had been secretly recorded and uploaded on a porn site.

A girl trusts her partner and gets intimate with him. Unfortunately, some people fail to understand their partners’ emotions and make fun of their relationship by leaking such tight videos. 

The girl not only gets destroyed mentally but shattered emotionally as well. 

She stops trusting people at all, which directly impacts her sexual and emotional health.

Such heartless people are not only breaking their relationship but also destroying the girl’s life.

Instead of supporting them as victims, people tend to make the girls a witch. However, none of it will affect the guy who creates such a video.

Overall Impact

The effect of society. In most cases, the community does not try to find whether it was the girl’s sole mistake or not and ends up judging her with loose character.


Unending Harassment. Even in many cases after such a scandal, the girls get calls from unknown numbers for sex proposals. 

Some people may even offer them to shoot more naked or porn videos without realizing that she was not a party to that crime. 

Such videos create a hostile environment and a wrong judgment about the victim.

Life-Long Scars. Such illegal and heartless acts make girls feel unsafe everywhere. 

They feel scared before getting intimate with their partner. 

Because of some cruel people, other people are suffering, and a trust deficit is created between her and her future partner.

Polluted Mindset. Such acts also harm youngsters’ mindsets. 

They find it a secure source of income, in which someone ends up suffering. 

They get motivated to do such work, which is how the youth are getting raised, with a disturbed and negative mentality.

Impact on Victim’s Family

In addition to the victims, even their families, special mention to their parents get ostracized by society, as if they are responsible for everything. 

This leads to a scarred relationship between the victim and her family. People start questioning the parenting skills of the victim’s parents.

Matrimonial Issues. Once a bachelor victim gets caught off-guard featuring on a porn website, it’s a rare chance that any family will approach the victim for a marriage proposal with their son or daughter.

Professional Blow. Many times, victims get thrown out of their companies for some illogical reasons, as no company will ever like to associate themselves with the surprised but star performer on some intimate videos circulated on a porn website. 

Despite the past performance, all the hard work goes down the drain, as if nothing has been achieved on the professional front.


Broken Marriage. Sometimes, pre-marital sex or extramarital affairs lead to the embarrassment of the social broadcast of secretly recorded content. 

After the issue come to the knowledge of the concerned spouse, the marriage breaks apart. 

It’s just impossible for any partner under any circumstances to accept the fact their spouse has been sexually involved with someone outside the marriage. 

Most of the time, the outcome of such an incident happens to be Divorce!


When Own Husband is the Culprit?

In many cases, the husband only records the intimate moments with his wife secretly and sell them on porn websites (although exceedingly rare cases, but incidents have happened).


If you find yourself weak after getting victimized, please don’t feel so. 

Since you loved the person and he cheated on you, you need to understand that it was not your fault and accept this as a life’s lesson; learned the hard way.

Yes, you must be more careful trusting others, but you cannot accuse yourself of such a scandal. It is essential and imperative not to blame yourself.

Fight for yourself and your identity. If you are not getting any help from your family, then ask for shelter from the government. 

Marriage is never a liability for you to spend your life with someone you are not safe, even as a spouse. 

No need to push this matter under the carpet, with the fear of social stigma.

Failed marriages are like bends in the roads and never considered “End of the Road”!

Victim’s Safety

Hatred from family. In most cases, the family goes against the victim because they think their girl has destroyed her purity (aka, her hymen). 

They do not support her in most cases, even after she explains how she is being victimized. In a country like India, female virginity is a virtue, and females who do not conform to it, as treated as ‘loose.’


Life Lost. There had been cases where their family members have killed the girl, and the reasons don’t need any further explanations.

A False Perception of Society. After such videos or pictures leak, the community decides that the victim is not a victim, but she has a loose character. 

Often, society blames the girl. Boys start treating them as if they are cheap prostitutes and readily available for sex for some money.

In India, politicians often criticize the girl even when she was raped, stating that it was the girl who indicated that she wanted to be raped. 

We cannot argue with such an idiot, but the widespread perception that ‘blame women for rape’ mentality exists, even in women.

People Offer Detrimental Proposals. Once such videos are leaked, people find the girl being readily ‘available’ and start harassing her. A few people may even pester her to shoot more naked videos.

What Should a Victim Do?

All of us know that the situation will be tough for a victim, but you should keep calm and do the following. I hope this will be helpful to you.

1. You should file a complaint with the local police station, with a request to remove your images and videos from the porn site.

2. You should keep track of the case’s proceedings to punish the wrong-doer and fight for justice.

Laws Against Cybercrime

The rate of cybercrime is getting higher day by day because of easy access to porn sites. But if you stand against cybercrime, criminals can be found and punished for such an offence.


This is why you should know that if a person gets identified and is proved a criminal, he will be punished with a minimum of five years in jail and a fine up to two lakh rupees. Depending upon the amount of the rate of nudity that they have spread, the bail can be considered, but they will be sent to jail as punishment.

If you fight for yourself, the law will help you and fight along.

Will you wait till the criminal receives punishment, after he does the same thing to another victim, what he did with you?

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