Secretly Filmed During Sex? (Part 2)

This article is a continuation of "Secretly Filmed During Sex? (Part 1)"

Tricks of the Trade

Mens' Supremacy. It does not cause any problems for the guy. In a country like India, even if a guy appears in a porn video, he will face some backlash, although not as much as a girl would. However, men who post intimate porn have got out of the resultant mess without paying much price. 

How often we only see the girl naked, while the guy’s face is blurred? This happens because the guy before uploading the video blurs his face to avoid any potential backlash.

In the Indian subcontinent, watching porn videos is Men's task. Women are not expected to visit porn websites. So, it is easily assumed by males that even if they secretly record the private moment of intimacy in their mobile, then there is no way the concerned lady will ever be able to find out.

Also, if his girlfriend/ wife does not find out, he can keep shooting videos of their intimate moments, and keep uploading them to porn sites, to earn money.

Joint Venture for Future Records Purpose. A lot of couples like kinky things and filming their private moments is one of them. Often, the wife or girlfriend will have no problem being filmed and will even face the camera while getting her brains humped out. However, what she believes is private content, may get uploaded online by her boyfriend or husband in exchange to a handsome amount of money.

How Does It Happen?

There are few significant ways through which these private intimate videos are getting uploaded on porn videos, few of which are mentioned below:-

Uploading Own Videos. This is one of the significant sources of home-made intimate videos. People are making intimate videos with their partners and uploading them on porn sites. You can find several people have made uploading their intimate videos in porn sites have made it their business.

Hacking into Others’ devices like Mobile, Laptops etc. We all love to buy expensive gadgets like mobile, laptops, tabs etc, but don't bother to learn tricks to keep them hack-proof. In case of android mobiles, while downloading any app, we just willingly give away all permissions, it asks before installation, without even checking why that sort of permission is required by that app. For example, If a duplicate content removing app seeks permission for having access for your contact details, then the alarm bell needs to ring in your mind.

Many hackers hack into digital devices connected to the internet like computers, laptops, mobile phones, tabs, etc., get private videos extracted from them and upload them on porn sites. Though this is illegal and many cases are being filed against such offenses, but hackers' strength is so large that many which cannot be counted and detected so easily.

Secret Recording in Hotels/ Rental Properties. Many a time, you rent a room or book rooms in hotels, where secret camera are fitted in some remote corner (without your knowledge), where the whole room's view will be accessible. Such rooms are consciously rented out to honeymoon couples, as the success rate of getting the meaty videos are very high. The unsuspicious couples never realise that their private moments are being secretly recorded by some camera fitted in some remote location. Also, they rarely try to scan the room properly before or after taking over the room.

Rape Videos! In the past, there have been many instances, where a rapist or gang of rapists, shot the sex video while raping the victim. Then the victim is told to keep quiet or else the recorded content will be uploaded on the social media platform. For the fear of getting social humiliation due to the public broadcast of rape video, the victim prefers to remain silent. But, there have been cases, where inspite of victims silence the rape videos have been uploaded on social media platforms.

Real Life Incident 1

A woman was allegedly raped by five persons in front of her husband in Rajasthan's Alwar district, police said.
The suspects also filmed the crime and uploaded the video on social media, they added. The incident took place on 26 April 2019, when the woman was traveling on a bike with her husband.
The suspects stopped them on the Thanagazi-Alwar bypass and dragged the couple to an isolated area, where they allegedly raped the woman and threatened her husband with dire consequences, police said.

Real life Incident 2

One of the issues happened to one family in Ireland is shown in the video below:-

Courtesy Youtube

From these above mentioned primary sources, the home-made intimate videos are being leaked and exposed in public.

When Husband is the Culprit?

In many cases, the husband only records the intimate moments with his wife, secretly and sell them on porn websites.

If you find yourself weak after getting victimized, please don’t feel so. Since you loved the person and he cheated on you, you need to understand that it was not your fault and accept this as a life's lesson, learned hard way.

Yes, you must be more careful trusting others, but you cannot accuse yourself of such a scandal. It is important and imperative not to blame yourself.

Fight for yourself and your identity. If you are not getting any help from your family, then ask shelter from government. Some officers work day and night to help victims of such a devastating cybercrime.

Marriage is never a liability for you to spend your life with someone, with whom you are not safe even as a spouse. Just try to detach yourself from him and report the matter to police.  No need to push this matter under the carpet. Failed marriages are like bends in the roads and never to be considered as "End of the Road"!

Impact on the victim

In most of the cases, the other partner does not even have any idea that their intimate moment is being captured and later, it will be uploaded on the porn sites. This is not only a matter of breaking someone’s trust but also a matter of humanity. Let’s analyze different sections related to such an offense.

In the most foot the cases, only females happen to be visible on these videos, who were not aware that a video has been secretly recorded and uploaded on a porn site.

A girl trusts her partner and gets intimate with him. Unfortunately, some people don’t understand their partners' emotions and make fun of their relationship by leaking such intimate videos. The girl not only gets destroyed mentally but shattered emotionally as well. The female just stops trusting people at all, which directly impacts her sexual and emotional health.

We just fail to understand why the boys do such unethical things with the girls who are emotionally attached to them!

Such heartless people are not only breaking their relationship but also destroying the girl’s life.

Society recognizes and criticizes the girl only because of the video where she was clearly involved and visible in the act, but still, no one will have mercy on her.

Instead of supporting them as victims, people tend to make the girls, a pariah. However, none of it will affect the guy who creates such a video.

Overall Impact

Effect on society. In most of the cases, the community does not try to find whether it was the sole mistake of the girl or not and end up judging her with loose character.

Unending Harassment. Even in many cases after such a scandal, the girls get calls from unknown numbers for sex proposals. Some people may even offer them to shoot more naked or porn videos, without realising the fact that she was not a party to that crime. Such videos create a negative environment and also a wrong judgment about the victim.

Life Long Scars. Such illegal and heartless acts make girls feel unsafe everywhere. They feel scared before getting intimate with their partner. Because of some cruel people, other people are suffering, and a trust deficit is created between her and her future partner.

Polluted Mindset. Such acts also harm youngsters' mindset. They find it a secure source of income, in which someone ends up suffering. They get motivated to do such work, and this is how the youth are getting raised, with a disturbed and negative mentality.

Hell Breaks Loose for Victim's Family. In addition to the victims, even their families, special mention to their parents get ostracised by society as if they are responsible for everything. This leads to a scarred relationship between the victim and her family. People start questioning the parenting skills of the victim's parents.

Matrimonial Issues. Once a bachelor victim gets caught off-guard featuring on a porn website, then its a very rare chance that any family will approach the victim for marriage proposal with their son or daughter.

Professional Blow. Many a times victim get thrown out of their companies on some illogical reasons, as no company will ever like to associate themselves with the surprised but star performer on some intimate videos circulated on a porn website. Inspite of past performance, all the hard work goes down the drain, as if nothing has been achieved in professional front.

Shattered Marriage. Sometimes, the pre-marital sex or extramarital affairs lead to the embarrassment of the social broadcast of secretly recorded content. After the issue come to the knowledge of the concerned spouse, the marriage just breaks apart. It's just impossible for any partner under any circumstances to accept the fact their spouse have been sexually involved with someone outside the marriage. Most of the time the outcome of such an incident happens to be Divorce!

Blackmails. The video recording of pre-marital sex or extramarital affairs is used to either extort money out of victim or to take old revenge. In the case of armed forces personnel, this tactic is used to extract sensitive data related to national security.

Free Internet means More Uploads. Nowadays, mobile and internet connection is available with most of the youngsters, and thus, it’s easy to shoot such videos. The porn sites are not encouraging people who upload such videos because they are getting profit from it. Just enjoy, shoot and upload is the main mantra of the present generation.

Victim’s Safety

Hatred from family. In most cases, the family goes against the victim because they think their girl has destroyed her purity (aka, her hymen). They do not support her in most cases, even after she explains how she is being victimised. In a country like India, female virginity is a virtue and females who do not conform to it, as treated as ‘loose.’

Life Lost. There had been cases in the past, where the girl has been killed by their own family members and the reasons just don't need any further explanations.

A False Perception of Society. After such videos or pictures leak, the community decides that the victim is not a victim, but she has a loose character. Often, society blames the girl. Boys start treating them as if they are cheap prostitutes and easily available for sex against some money.

In India, politicians often criticize the girl even in cases when she was raped, stating that it was probably the girl who indicated that she wanted to be raped. We cannot argue with such idiot, but the widespread perception that ‘blame women for rape’ mentality exists, even in women.

People Offer Detrimental Proposals. Once such videos are leaked people find the girl being readily ‘available’ and start harassing her. A few people may even pester her to shoot more naked videos.

What Should a Victim Do?

All of us know that the situations will be tough for a victim, but you should keep calm and do the following. I hope this will be helpful to you.

1. You should file a complaint with the local police station, with a request to remove your images and videos from the porn site.

2. You should keep track of the proceedings of the case to punish the wrong-doer and fight for justice.

Laws Against Cybercrime

The rate of cybercrime is getting higher day by day because of easy access to porn sites. But if you stand against cybercrime, criminals can be found and also can be punished for such an offense.

This is why you should know that if a person gets identified and is proved a criminal, he will be punished with a minimum of five years jail and a fine up to two lakh rupees. Depending upon the amount of the rate of nudity which they have spread, the bail can be considered, but they will be sent to jail as punishment.

If you fight for yourself, the law will help you and fight along.

Will you wait till the criminal receives punishment, after he does the same thing to another victim, what he did with you?

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