Second Marriages More Successful Than First? (Part 1)

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Second Marriages More Successful Than First?


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In many cases, second marriage happens to be happier than the first one.


Let’s dive into the topic without wasting precious time.

Forced Arranged Marriages

In the cases of arranged marriages (Part 1 and Part 2), the girl and boy very rarely get the opportunity to interact with each other and most of the decisions are finalised by their parents only.

So, the main issues, requiring clarification from both girl and boy, before acceptance of marriage proposals are just ignored.

In many cases, the girl and boy silently accept the proposals accepted by their parents just to avoid the unwanted social family drama.

Also, in case of any problem pointed by either girl or boy, then their own parents feel offended as if their own offsprings are trying to blow the revolt trumpets against their choice of “Arranged Spouse”.

Just in the anticipation of “ALL IS WELL”, both families spend tons of money, to celebrate and demonstrate their happiness in front of society.

Many a time, fathers of both girl and boy, end up taking marriage loan against good interest rates, so that marriage celebration (Part 1 and Part 2) can be enjoyed as per the expectations of the society.

After negligently accepting a marriage proposal the first time, Both the girl and boy have to pass through the mandatory even of “First Night”.

While passing through the gruesome ritual of “First Night”, life is exposed bare in front of both the bride and groom.

Many questions in both, girl’s and boy’s minds are answered without any further doubts.

Both of them actually realise, whether their marriage is God’s gift or a mistake.

The Ultimate Truth. Then comes the phase of acceptance of truth with respect to the problematic marriage in front of the whole world.

Many couples accept their marriage as a failure.

Many couples prefer to remain silent under the pressure of both families or fear about “What society will talk about them?”The Inevitable Divorce

But, once the problem of a failed marriage is actually accepted by everyone around the couple, then comes the showtime of “Divorce”, where both parties try to socially rape (in a literal form) the other partner in front of the whole world.

After spending very intimate moments with each other, for some time, both partners try to tell the whole world about how exactly, the other person is responsible for their failed marriage and why is it required to end this messy relationship.


So that wife can get alimony and monthly maintenance from husband as divorce agreement and husband to save is hard-earned wealth from being given away by the court of law to someone, he hates to spend even a single day under one roof.

So, by the end of divorce proceedings, both parties learn all the important lessons of life and marriage, which were ignored during the first marriage.


Second Marriage

Afterward, both parties end up being utmost careful in selection for the life partner second time.

Basically, after burning their fingers once, both lady and gentleman try to be extremely careful.


Because, when the first marriage failed, only fingers were burnt.
If the second marriage also fails then maybe the whole hand will be burnt to ashes.

Also, when the first marriage failed, the benefit of the doubt is granted to both partners, that the “other one” was the main culprit.

But, if their second marriage also fails then all fingers will be pointed towards them only.

So, while second marriage, parents stay away in interfering their decision making regarding marriage proposals, as they also grow wiser that its the couple, who needs to decide whether they are compatible or not, not their parents.

Less money is wasted in the ceremony of the second marriage.

In many cases, the “Prenuptial Deal” is signed between both partners, so as to avoid the dirty mug slinging on each other, in case of the second divorce case.

The kids are thought about only if both the partners are 100% confident that they are lucky the second time and there is no further need to think of “Third Marriage”.

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