PureVPN Advantages 

  1. Good VPN speeds
  2. VPN kill switch & no DNS/IP/WebRTC leaks
  3. Optimized VPN servers work with Netflix, iPlayer & more
  4. 2,000+ VPN servers in over 140 countries worldwide
  5. User-friendly VPN apps for popular platforms, simple setup

PureVPN is one of the oldest and most established names in the entire VPN market, but it hasn’t quite managed to keep up with the times. It’s still a good VPN, but right now it’s obvious that some of PureVPN’s big-name rivals have it beaten.

You can find out all you need to know about PureVPN, both – starting with who’s behind the VPN service.

PureVPN was founded in 2007 by GZ Systems Ltd, which operates under the jurisdiction of Hong Kong, putting it beyond the reach of the privacy-unfriendly US and EU.

PureVPN says it specifically chose Hong Kong for its headquarters because there are no mandatory data retention laws, therefore it isn’t a legal requirement to store user data or share it with any third parties.

Data Logging

However, PureVPN has recently gone some way to redeeming itself with the introduction of a completely revamped logging policy, where the only information collected is:

  1. The day you connect to a specific VPN server location
  2. Your Internet Service Provider
  3. Total bandwidth used by each user

It does not log:

  1. Your originating IP address
  2. Connection timestamps
  3. DNS requests
  4. The IP address of your chosen VPN server

This means that nothing you do online can be traced back to you as an individual, restoring a little bit of our confidence in the service.

Speed & Reliability

PureVPN is the pretty fast VPN we’ve checked out, but it’s still pretty neat.

Download and upload speeds on nearby servers (e.g. Bangalore to Bangalore) are more than fast enough for buffer-free streaming.

Take a look at the VPN speeds we recorded in our London-based tests (remember that our internet connection without a VPN is 100Mbps):

Test Courtesy: Top10vpn.com

As you can see, PureVPN’s upload speeds aren’t very fast on long-distance connections, but unless you plan to torrent on faraway servers this shouldn’t be an issue.

Want to check-out yourself, See the fabulous offer by PureVPN using the link below.