Lies, You Love Telling Yourself!

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Lies, You Love Telling Yourself!


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Many people say that success is inherited from parents.

Some say that wealth is acquired by winning lotteries.

Whereas success begins with yourself, with your mind, and how you make the most out of your cognitive abilities.

Yet, people choose to self-sabotage themselves by absorbing self-damaging ideas and considering those to be the truth.

If these lies become a part of yourself, you’re already trapped, and there’s little chance of you escaping.

You’re going to go through life disappointed, angry at the world and how unfair it is.

Without realizing that you brought most of it upon yourself when you made the decision to accept these ideas as truth.

With that said, we wanted to bring forth a series of excuses we’ve heard people use to justify their lack of action or success.SEMrush In your life, it’s likely that you’ve heard them said by others, even yourself.

The goal of this article is to bring attention to them, so you can self-check your beliefs.

So, without wasting any more time, let us dive into the topic, “Lies, You Love Telling Yourself!”.

If I Ignore It, It’ll Go Away!

lies, you love telling yourself

This is a tricky one because it’s so tempting to do so.

The problem with ignoring the dragon you’re living with is the more you miss it, the bigger it gets.

The dragon doesn’t go away. It’s just getting more robust and will do more harm when it does attack.

Deal with it right now.

Please do it now.The Ultimate Managed Hosting PlatformLies, You Love Telling Yourself!No matter how painful it might be. And you’ll at least have a chance at survival.

That’s why we’re also going through some changes at

We took the time to analyze the value we’re offering and know that we can do better.

We’ve decided to slay the dragon and rebirth ourselves like a phoenix from our ashes.

I Don’t Know Where to Start or What to Do!

lies, you love telling yourself

Truth be told.

You’re surrounded by opportunity.

If you pause this reading this article right now and focus on it, you’ll produce three ideas that excite you on the spot.

You’re under the impression that you need a unique idea to be successful, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

An idea is worth a million dollars; only after it’s made a million dollars until then, ideas are worthless.

The difference is in the execution.

Deep within yourself, you know exactly where to start.

What do you need to do to get this project you’ve been considering going.

It’s just that you’re scared of failure and embarrassment.

You’re scared that you don’t know enough.

We will let you in on a bit of secret, and you don’t need to know the entire course to take your first step.

Take a piece of paper and write down three things you can do to get started after this article ends. Then proceed to do those things.

I Have All the Time in the World!

No, you have just a few years ahead of you.

A third of that time you’ll be asleep, unaware of what’s going on.

Another third you’ll be spending doing trivial things like eating, shitting what you just ate, stuck in traffic, or doing other time wasteful things.

Right off the bat, you only have a third of the time you must make the most out of your life.lies, you love telling yourself

And if you factor in the impact of raising kids and illnesses, that time for yourself is cut in half.

So now you’re left with the truth, you don’t have that much time.

Having time is the most expensive illusion to indulge yourself in because you’re spending the time you can’t afford to pay, and sooner than you think, the bill comes, and you’re going to find yourself shocked. It all went away in the blink of an eye.

Life is segmented into different chapters.

Your childhood is already over you’re not getting that back.

You’re in the middle of your current chapter right now. And before you know it it’s going to be done.

In life, you have five such chapters’ childhood, professional growth, parenthood, getting older, and being old.

You might not realize this, but your book is not that thick.

I’m special!

Oh, we love them, snowflakes.

You were born under a particular star, meant for something great.lies, you love telling yourself

That’s what you think because you’ve only lived life as yourself.

You’re the one experiencing this article right now; you’re the one looking at other people and observing them.

The truth is that many other people are reading this article at the exact moment you are.

They observe and judge others the same way you do.

Will dare even to go further.

If you die today, less than 20 people would be aware that you’re gone, less than 20.

Everybody else on this planet Earth will go about their day without any disturbance to their routine.

But here is what we want you to take away from this point.

You are not special until you become extraordinary.

If you want to get there, be more than you are today, create more, help more people, reach more people.

Make a difference, and the world will notice you if you do it for long enough or enough.

Until then, put your head down and check your ego.

Wealth Is Reserved for the Privileged!

lies, you love telling yourself

Oh… not this again! 

We were no longer living in the 16th century. 

Wealth is accessible to anyone. 

A poor kid from China is running the largest store in the world. 

People go from homeless to multimillionaires in less than a decade. And you’re enjoying this piece of content on a device more powerful than what humanity used to get the first people on the moon. 

You are wealthy beyond imagination, but you’re just ungrateful. 

We’re closing in on a historical point in time of equal opportunity. 

The Internet has made it possible for anyone to play around in this marketplace if they decide to do so. 

Nothing is stopping you from joining this incredible phenomenon. 

Author a book and self-publish it. 

Create any product that’s valuable to someone else, and people will buy it. 

It’s never been cheaper to join than it is right now. In our article 15 businesses, you can start for cheap or even free

We broke down those barriers of entry. 

The Internet has levelled the playing field for all of us. 

The economy is booming. 

You need to get your head out of your behind and take a piece for yourself.

I’ll start tomorrow or the following Monday!

Why not right now? 

Why do you have to give yourself some leeway to do something that you know is right for you? 

The best time to start was yesterday.

The second-best is today. 

The problem with postponing actions into the future is it makes it easier to keep pushing them away. 

This type of behaviour bleeds into all aspects of your existence and makes you avoid taking actions that would improve your life. 

That’s why people never quit smoking or on a diet. 

They postponed it for the following Monday and then shoved food in their face to the fullest before them. 

Once they begin, their bodies are in hyperdrive because of the excess it’s been given and now asks for more.

They were making it even more challenging to start. 

By not attacking the issue head-on, you’re just self-sabotaging yourself.

And you know we published a brilliant article called fifteen signs you’ll never be rich.

In it, you’ll learn all about these self-sabotaging moves that people make that keeps them from financial success.

I’ve done all I could!

Take a moment to step back. lies, you love telling yourself

Zoom out your existence and look at the person you are from a bird’s-eye view. 

If you don’t know that person, what would you think about him or her? 

About the way they go about their day about how they deal with problems, how much effort do they put into their work? 

If you did this exercise and take the emotional involvement out of it, you realize you didn’t give it; you are all. 

You were picky with how much effort you put in, with the time you invested, and the choice you’ve made. 

We found that in our personal experience. 

There’s always something you could have done better. 

The goal is to self-analyze your performance and improve it for the future. 

The last thing you want to do is, lie to yourself that that’s all there is to you that you can’t do better. 

Although it would have been a lot cheaper to create the artwork in-house, it wouldn’t have sufficed in quality. 

That’s why we leveraged someone else’s time and talent for this. 

We are constantly learning from every project we undertake with the sole purpose of improving. 

Always be satisfied with the work you do but never think you can’t do better.

It’s My Parent’s Fault!

Cool, let’s play the blame game with everyone and everything else apart from yourself. 


lies, you love telling yourself

It’s super easy and convenient to attribute your failures to an external source. 

But the truth is, everyone is living their own lives with their struggles and battles.

You are living with yours. 

Growing up, you’ve always looked at your parents as providers, caretakers, and people who historically have been providing solutions to your problems. 

As you grow older and more intelligent, the parent illusion slowly fades away, and you begin to see your parents for what they are. 

A couple of generic people trying their best to figure shit out. 

They had no idea what they were doing and have been winging it for years. 

Statistically speaking, they had it worse than you did in terms of access to resources and opportunities. 

So quit bitching and get busy. 

You’re the way you are because you’re entitled to something you haven’t earned. 

You fail to use every resource you have at your disposal because you’re lazy and plug it off like somebody else doesn’t want you to win. 

Which fits perfectly into the next lie you tell yourself.

I Know What I’m Doing! 

This lie comes from being ignorant. 

In the best-case scenario, we have an innovative idea of what we’re doing. But we’re far from knowing everything there is to know. 

The arrogance of not accepting a second opinion… the vanity of being closed-minded… is what costs people more in the end. 

The goal is to be improving… to keep on learning constantly. 

We’re being moulded by every single piece of information we encounter. That’s why you need to be selective. 

Be honest with yourself. 

If you’re lacking in a specific department, ask for help. 

Don’t try to play it off, like it’s okay because of your ego.

I can’t do it alone… I require guidance… I need a mentor!

You don’t need a mentor… you need to focus. 

Mentors are precious to have, but they behave like gasoline on an already burning fire. 

You’re not even a spark yet. 

Pouring gasoline ground doesn’t make for big bonfires if there’s no fire, to begin with. 

Also, that would be a waste of gasoline if you catch our drift. 

When people say they can’t do it alone, they’re not looking for a real mentor, they’re looking for a nanny. 

Someone to hold their hand, open doors for them, and carry them over small ponds, so they don’t get their shoes wet. 

You do not realise that a mentor’s job is to call you out on your bullshit. And when you think about it, we’re pretty good at that already. 

So, if this was your excuse that you’ve been using, feel free to consider our articles on, your mentor. 

Now that you have guidance and the truth about your excuses is out there, what are you going to do? 

It’s not the mentor, it’s the mentee that’s the problem in your case.

I Need to Find My Soulmate!

The idea that there’s this miracle person out there that will perfectly fit into your life like the final piece in a jigsaw puzzle, radically transforming your life is bullshit.lies, you love telling yourself

You don’t find a soulmate.

You grow alongside someone willing to make this journey with you until you become better together as a team.

Everybody needs a strong partner.

Someone to help them grow, to tell it like it is, to be there when the rain is pouring, and share the champagne, when times are good. But that’s the paradox of soulmates.

You don’t find that person because you’ve become that person in time.

Focus on yourself.

Begin the journey, and along the way, you’ll meet people going the same way you are.

But it would be best if you started because we all have different starting lines.

Learn more about Rules of Engagement & Harsh Truths About Relationships.

If I Had More Time Than I Would Do It.

Sticking with the temporal motive, this is one of the most common lies we tell ourselves.

We believe that there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done.

But how many of you keep track of what you do every day, hour by hour?

How many of you happen to use a calendar for the day?

You can’t improve what you don’t measure.

It’s amazing how much you can get done with an extra hour of focused work.

And you can easily do that by cutting an hour out of the 8 to 9 hours of sleep you get every night.

Track your day from waking up until you go to bed and realize you waste half of your active hours.

There is a difference between being busy and being productive.

I Don’t Have A Choice, I’m Stuck Here.

lies, you love telling yourself

There’s always a choice.

You’re just not ready to put the effort in to get it done unless someone is holding you chained against your will.

We all have the right to pursue a better life, pursue happiness, and roam free.

The thing that separates those who manage to escape this self-imposed trap is the desire to leap, to make the jump, to deal with the unknown that’s out there, and with the hardships that await after the fall.

You’re scared of the impact.

You’re scared of the things you’re unfamiliar with. And that’s why you’re not willing to jump.

But those who do eventually pick themselves up and go live better lives than those who never jumped in the first place.

You’re not stuck, you’re simply scared.

I’m Too Fucked Up… Life’s Not Easy, To Say The Least.

lies, you love telling yourself

You’ve been through some things that almost broke you… That made you want to quit or altered the way you look at life. 

You’ve experienced things that would make most people give up and label the universe as merciless and horrible. 

For life is unfair and unjust. And you’d be entirely right to do so, but you haven’t quit. 

Somehow, despite all that you’ve been through, all the horrible things you’ve had to overcome, you’re here right now reading this self-help article. 

A terrible article meant to make you dig even deeper within yourself. 

An article that’s bringing forth all that is dark. 

Yet you’re still here. 

You might be responsible for all the things we mentioned in this article. 

All these lies you’re telling yourself, but at least you’re willing, to be honest about them. 

Shine a light on each one and then fight it. 

You may lose some of these battles. But even a small win with any of them will move you forward.

That is how you get better. 

You face the bullshit; you deal with it, and you move forward. 

And Explicit Facters… if you’ve been struggling with this for a while now, there’s a best-selling book out there we recommend you pick up it’s called “Unfuck Yourself“, get out of your head into your life by Gary Bishop.

The book is loved by everyone right now because it focuses on how you can rewire your mind to deal with life.

I’m Too Old or Young for That.

Guess what we’re living in the age of the internet. 

Here nobody cares how old you are or what you look like. 

Sure, what you look like can be an advantage if you want to leverage it. 

But it’s mostly how capable you are of delivering value to other people. 

Get that done, and everything will take care of itself. 

Let us debunk on each side of the coin. 

I’m too old for this new world… equals I’ve made up my mind that I don’t wish to compete here, and I will live my remaining days in the misery of my choices. 

What you don’t understand is that with age, you get wisdom. 

Something these kids are lacking. 

You don’t need to compete with them at their game. 

Leverage your skills to win at the things you know that they can’t compete with. 

I’m too young to start equals… I use this as an excuse to play video games and not feel bad. 

The truth is there’s no longer an age limit. 

The sooner you start, the quicker you’ll grow. 

In the beginning, you’ll make a ton of mistakes, which eventually turn into lessons. This happens to everyone. 

You’ll have a unique advantage of going through these mistakes and lessons super early on, and by the time you’re in your mid-20s, you’re already ahead of everyone else.

When I Have XYZ I’ll Be Happy.

Most people find out this is a big lie they’ve been telling themselves. 

The way you equate happiness with the achievement of material possessions or even status. 

You think that once you get there, you’ll be happy. 

Unfortunately for you, if you’re unhappy now, you’ll not find happiness in material things. 

Money, possessions, and status make our lives more comfortable, but they do truly little for how we deal with life. 

You know the cliché that says happiness comes from within. 

Well, it’s a cliché for a reason. 

It’s deeply rooted in the truth. 

Understanding the difference between anxiety, happiness, focus, and peace of mind is essential if you wish to learn how to juggle between these states.


For those looking for a quick recap of the lies, people tell themselves, here it is. 

People complain they don’t know where to start or what to do, despite already having the answers to both questions. 

They think there are unusual cases when we’re all trying to make the biggest impact. 

Some people postpone their beginnings, while others blame their parents. 

They think they need to be handheld to succeed. 

Some think they’ve got plenty of time to get there, while others believe they don’t have enough hours in a day. 

They tell themselves that age is what defines them and not their ideas or work ethic. 

They blame their past for their future, without realizing they could choose to write their destiny. 

They wait for someone special to come into their lives instead of going afterwards. 

They perpetuate the myth that only the privileged can be wealthy despite living in history’s most lucrative time. 

Finally, they let their ego stop them from improving.

They’re either too arrogant to accept advice or too complacent to understand they could have done better. 

Out of these, how many are you guilty of? 

Are you honest and strong enough to share that number in the comments? Trust us; Team Explicit Facts reads all your comments and replies individually.

We hope you take this article for what it is Explicit Facts… A mirror to check if you’re holding yourself back.

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