Is USA the Father of Taliban? (Part 1)

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Written by – Mr. Syed Arif Abbas Abdi

Soviet Union’s Invasion of Afghanistan

In the cold winter night of December 1979, when people were preparing to go to sleep in Afghanistan, Soviet Union Invaded Afghanistan.

The repercussions of that invasion can be still felt now.

The invasion led to people fleeing from Afghanistan and taking refuge in the neighbouring countries and from there to other parts of the globe.

Old Monk. The American who had lost the Vietnam war, found an opportunity to make things even as in the Vietnam war.

The erstwhile Soviet Union had helped Ex Northern Vietnam in its fight with America, it must also be noted that at that particular period of time, the Cold War between America and Soviet Union was at its height.

Pakistan was the partner of America in the cold war.

American Pie!!

So, when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, America and Pakistan found an opportunity to further their cause.

India vs Pakistan. As America provided weapons generously to Pakistan, in the pretext of protecting Pakistan from Soviet Union, but Pakistan was strategically maintaining these weapons against India, but showed it to America as if it was building up pressure against Soviet Union.

Creation of Taliban

The American intelligence agency CIA started a covert program and name the program (Operation Cyclone) which gave arms and funds to the freedom fighters. These fighters were known as Mujaheddin and the group was called as Taliban.

Initially, the freedom fighters were at the back foot, but slowly they gain momentum. But still that momentum was not dislodging the Soviet Union, as their Helicopter Gunship was playing havoc with the mujaheddin.

American Missiles. So, in came the stinger missiles provided by the Americans, which changed the dynamics of the Afghan War.

The main portable Air Defence System (stinger missiles) because of its portability. It was so flexible to use that it could be fired from the shoulders of the soldiers, which made it impossible to detect.

Two Acts

Simultaneously, during the year of Afghan Invasion, two incidents also happened simultaneously.

First incident was the Shah leaving for Exile from Iran to USA, on 16th January 1979, because peoples revolt as they had seen and experienced the “Good Work” of the PM Mohammad Mosadegh, who was ousted by a CIA influenced Coup.


Inspite of common man in Iran struggling with poverty, Shah was spending money on his luxuries, in total unaccounted form. It was believed that Shah’s wife used to bath in Milk!!!

The people of Iran considered Shah of Iran as puppet of America.

But, the revolt was hijacked by religious hard liners.

The second incident was the attack on the Grand Mosque Masjid Al Haram, Mecca, in November 1979, by a group of insurgents. Its leader Juhayman al Utaybi, claiming a person from his group as Mehandi, whose name was Mohammad Abdulla Al Khtani.

Though, eventually the insurgents were crushed by French Commandos, even though it was prohibited at that time for Non Muslims to enter Mecca.

French Blow

According to unconfirmed reports, the French Commandos for the flushing out of insurgents, were requested to recite Kalma a prerequisite to become a Muslim.

The insurgents were influenced by Ibn Taymiyaha and also by the Ayatulla. During the revolution of Iran, total a thousand deaths were caused, because Iran is a predominately a Shia majority country and the followers of Ibnae Tammiya or the insurgents, consider Shia school of thought Un-Islamic, these were the spark which ignited the Radical Islam thought process.

The Soviet union was eventually defeated and it withdrew from Afghanistan in the year 1989.

The defeat of Soviet Union embolden the Muhammad and also the people of similar thought process world wide.

For them, it was a proof that their ideology or the thought process was on the right track.

So, they started to think big. They wanted to spread their radical Islam word wide any Muslim, who disagreed or had apprehensions regarding their ambition were considered heretic.

They were convinced that they are soldiers of Allah, as they had defeated the great Super power Soviet Union. Conveniently forgetting that if it was not without the American help, especially the stinger missiles, it would have been never ever possible to defeat the Soviet Union.


The community will have to do some honest introspection.

Blaming it on some conspiracy theory will give some false sense of satisfaction but ground reality will not change…..

Team Explicit Facts is honoured to publish the article by Mr Syed Arif Abbas Abdi.

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