Important Choices of Life (Part 1)

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Life is filled with crossroads, with moments, where you decide, who you want to become and which direction you want your life to take. All these moments are crucial in forming the person, we end up being and the kind of life, we end up living.

The goal of this article is to put you face-to-face with some of the decisions you'll have to make before you're forced to do so.

Having the wisdom to think about these topics beforehand, gives you an incredibly unfair advantage in life. The type of advantage, the older generation wished they had access to, back when they were starting up. You’re lucky like that.

We want you to take notes to go down this list and take time to answer each question for yourself.

The more detail you can provide in your answers, the better understanding you'll have of the person you wish to become.

You are the sum of all the choices you'll make in life. Maybe it's time to start thinking about these things strategically, in order to get you, to where you want to be.

Would You Rather Deal With "Failure" Or The "Regret" Of Not Trying At All?

We’re all born with potential. Then we get shaped by our family, our education, by religion and the values that are instilled within us. This molds people in different ways.

Some cultures encourage risk-taking. While others are more conservative.

The choice you'll have to make is what are you more scared of failure or regret.

Failure is not something to joke around with, because it can bring public humiliation. It has repercussions on your livelihood and you only get to fail so many times, before you're unable to play the game anymore.

But beyond failure is a success and you can't get to success if you're unable to face the risk of failure. Something we want you to think about is this.

Failure is temporary but regret is permanent.

You can always rise up after a failure. Learn from it. Use it as a stepping stone to get yourself closer to success.

But regret, regret is something that will eat you from within, you will carry it with you until the very last day of your life.

Which burden do you wish to carry?

Will you live the life you want or the life your parents want?

We had to include this one, because we're tired of hearing about, how some people decide the fate of others, making them miserable and unhappy.

Every person should choose the life they wish to live.

Learn from people whom you respect, but don't let anyone dictate your life because it's not their life to live.

Why the hell does it matter, what your uncle thinks, your life should be like?

Why does it matter, what that low-age teacher thinks, your major should be?

Parents would gladly sacrifice happiness and fulfilment for the security of their children, without realizing just how much damage they may be doing.

You will die! You only get to do this at once. Might as well give it a shot, at making it the way you want it to be.

There’s this quote by Frank Zappa we always go back to on this particular issue that goes like this.

If you end up with a boring miserable life, because you listened to your mom, your dad, your teacher, your priest or some guy on television, telling you how to do your shit, then you deserve it.

Would You Rather Spend Your Time Growing Or Being Entertained?

This is a big choice, you have to make every single day.

What are you going to spend your time on today?

Do you wish to be entertained or do you wish to become more than you already are?

This is important, no matter what you choose to do each day, do it deliberately.

There’s nothing wrong with choosing to be entertained as long as you know what you're doing and are willing to live with the outcome.

Just the simple distinction of knowing about these two options, is enough to aid you in improving your life.

Ordinary people love entertainment! Extraordinary people love education! This is something that we've been struggling with for a while.

In the West, something incredibly weird is happening to the masses.

Celebrities and athletes are seen as people of importance and value, because they have money and people worship them for their success.

Life is built by builders, by scientists, by doctors, by farmers… never in your life would you see a TV star, a football player or any form of media personality for anything that's of actual value?

Maybe it's time we got our priorities straight when it comes to who we attribute value to.

Would you rather enjoy the present or secure the future.

Yet another difficult choice to make.

The temptation of living in the moment is so big, it's almost impossible not to give in. And there are many times in life when you should give in. But once again you need to do it deliberately.

Always consider the future expense you're paying.

In life, you're always trading with the future. It’s up to you to decide, what kind of trades you want to make and what kind of ratio you want to maintain.

If you only invest in the present, you’ll find that the future isn't looking that bright.

But postpone satisfaction, until you're very old and you don't get to enjoy it.

But there are ways to do both and to win at this trade game.

Do what they are not willing to do now, so you can enjoy the things, they can't tomorrow.

Do You Want To Work For Money Or Have Money Work For You?

It was necessary that we talk about money when it comes to choices.

Basically, there are two kinds of people out there.

One, some people who work for others.

Two, some people who hire others to work for them.

You can be happy and fulfilled in both situations.

The first one comes with security and consistency, while the second one comes with a lot more stress and higher rewards.

It all boils down to what kind of expectations you have for your life.

Truth be told.

Nobody got rich working a nine-to-five.

It’s one of those choices that will define your work schedule, your relationships, your free time and because of it, your entire life takes a different direction.

Everyone wants to be rich, but not everyone is willing to work and sacrifice as much as rich people do.

There are many articles on our website, dedicated to this topic alone and we have a feeling you're here because you lean more toward the second option.

We recommended plenty of books, in the past but here's one we found incredibly valuable when we were starting out. Especially, if you're willing to build wealth in less than ten years. It’s called The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco. It’s a fabulous book that's not afraid to call bullshit on the likes of Rich Dad- Poor Dad or the 4-hour workweek. Both being incredibly valuable books themselves. That’s one of the main reasons we're recommending it here. Get the book and thank us later.

Do You Want To Be Surrounded By Winners Or Losers?

Repeat after us.

You are the average of the five people, you spend most of your time with.

If your friends are poor, lazy and unfulfilled, guess who's going to join them.

Your inner circle has such a radical impact on the life you live, you only get to realize it once you escape it.

The moment you disconnect and can focus on your growth, you'll start understanding just how unmotivated and boring your life really is.

This works the other way around as well.

If you're accepted by a group of like-minded people who are not afraid to fail, who are open to learning and investing in themselves, then these people will spark something in you.

You will not envy their success.

It will inspire you, to be better, to do more.

In the end, it's a choice you have to make.

When you think of you and your group, do you see yourself as winning or doing the same things you've done for the past 10 years?

Would You Rather Be Tired Or Broke?

If you have read our last week's article on the “Rules of Money” Part 1 and 2, you know this was one of the topics discussed elaborately and so many of you found it to be the thing you needed to make that decision. So we had to include it here as well.

Everything you do in life will be balanced, between these two options.

Are you willing to learn and work for it or can you live without it.

It being whatever you desire in life, from a successful business to your dream body, to the social group and status you aspire to be a part of. It’s all a matter of effort.

Nobody is going to come to your door and offer you the life of your dreams on a platter.

The theme of sacrifice, is forever present in our articles and for a good reason.

Everything good requires you to sacrifice something in return.

The bigger the sacrifice, the bigger the return.

That’s why both Arnos and Abraham, were put in the position to sacrifice the thing they hold most valuable, in order to obtain something that makes a difference.

Want some cold hard motivational truth?

If you want something and don't have it, then you don't want it enough! Take a moment to ponder this quote, until it becomes a part of who you are.

Do You Want To Stay In The City You Were Born Or Move Somewhere Else?

The truth is your location is one of the factors, with the highest impact on your journey towards success.

Although these days, you can achieve success from anywhere in the world.

The right location will greatly accelerate your journey and improve your odds of success.

We’ve received plenty of messages from people in this very community that have decided to take the leap and to relocate.

It's very likely you'll hear about people like Robert Welch and Haya Achmed, who made this a priority.

Achmed moved on to the other side of the world to Canada, in order to pursue a better life after realizing it would take a lot longer to get it in his home country.

And Robert now runs his business from all over the United States.

These are just two of the many community members, who've made big changes in their location to alter their odds of success.

You can share the stories of your own personal journeys in the comment section below. Who knows if you're an interesting example, we might include it in future articles. Until then please remember, everything worthwhile happens outside of your comfort zone.

Sometimes the comfort zone is quite literally the city you're currently in.

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