How Coronavirus Knocked Down Religion?

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Did Coronavirus Knock Down Religion?


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Since December 2019, when the first case of Coronavirus was detected in Wuhan, China, World has just lost its orientation. This pandemic has just exposed each loophole, ever existed on this planet Earth.

In this controversial article, we will try to cover the issue of how coronavirus has rendered Religion and God irrelevant and helpless.

We will try to understand the reasons by which Coronavirus knocked down religion.

We can feel a good portion of our audience’s butt-clenching just at the sound of that sub-title.

But we’re not going to shy away from this truth because it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Every cultural breakthrough comes because of discomfort.

Without wasting any more time, let’s dive deep into the topic.

Massive Fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral

The first fire alarm at Notre-Dame was triggered on Monday, April 15 at 6:20 p.m.

The cathedral was evacuated, and the alert was investigated but there was no sign of fire found on the scene, a spokesman for the Paris fire brigade told CNN.

The alarm rang a second time shortly thereafter, at 6:43 p.m., at which point Notre Dame security spotted the fire in the wooden framework of the attic.

Close to 500 firefighters battled the blaze into the night before the fire was extinguished around 11 p.m. At least one firefighter was seriously injured but no fatalities have been reported from the incident.

The cathedral was declared structurally sound following an inspection the morning after the fire. More details can be seen from the video posted below.

Courtesy – YouTube

Ordinary people and billionaires have pledged at least €750m (£650m; $835m) in the 10 days after the main spire and roof of the building collapsed in a huge fire on 15 April.

One early estimate by French construction economists suggests that the donations may far surpass the cost of repairs.

Amid the wave of goodwill and generosity, critics have argued that the money could have been better spent elsewhere.

That Money could have Better spent elsewhere?

The level of donations has sparked criticism that the money could have been better spent elsewhere.

Actress Pamela Anderson said she had attended a gala raising money for “children suffering in Marseille” this week when a “major surprise auction item” came up raising funds to rebuild the Notre-Dame.

“I hope they will reconsider and give to where it is needed,” she added.

At the weekend, yellow-vest demonstrators complained at the ease with which corporations and wealthy individuals had raised money for a building but had ignored months of protests the excessive cost of living.

Others have complained that the billionaire donors benefit from a 60% tax deduction in France.

Markus Renner, Swiss-based marketing, and brand reputation expert said that companies had pledged too much too soon.

Courtesy – YouTube

Some Unanswered Questions”.

If God is really around us, then how come it was not able to save its own church?

How can fire burn down God’s church like any normal thing?

How do we expect miracles to happen, from God, who could not save its own church?

how coronavirus knocked down religion

Are the donations in the tunes of € 1 Billion justified for the reconstruction of the Norte Dame church?

Who are these rich people, who donated this money for reconstructions? How are they different from the normal man, who could not afford to donate money at all?

Are these rich people trying to secure a “ticket for heaven”, through these donations?

Has anyone audited the funds collected and spent on the reconstruction of the damaged church? Where are the audit reports? Were they ever made public?

Were these donations tax-free?

Are living human beings’ lives so cheap that people die, but no one cares, but when a church burns then € 1 Billion is collected over the week for reconstruction?

Is this example not the perfect example of the loss of empathy towards fellow human beings?

Has Coronavirus exposed the Irrelevance of Religion and God?

Historically, faith and belief have been a major driver of the population.

The value of religion comes from bringing people together and providing moral guidance in times of crisis.

Although this has been true in the past, the crises we’re dealing with right now, are so estranged from the realm of religion that there is little to no positive coming out of churches.

Even worse, they’re one of the main hubs spreading the coronavirus infection.

For years, politicians have relied on the power of the church, to sway votes their way and in exchange, they provided them with a set of benefits such as tax exemptions and little oversight of their activities.

As a rule of thumb:

If your country has more churches than schools or hospitals, you need to check your priorities.”       

The world we live in has changed and the issues we’re dealing with have also changed with it.

No matter what your religious belief is when you cross the road, you are still looking both ways.”


Because God will not stop you from getting hit by a bus.

The issues we’re dealing with are the bus coming at us, and this is the time to put your trust into what’s keeping you out of harm’s way.

Romania, the eastern European country, is a tragic example of this.

A generous portion of the country is highly religious, political parties have leveraged this to stay in power.

Over 20 hospitals were closed in the past few years, due to poor management because the people in charge of effectively running the hospitals were politically appointed.

Meanwhile, the current government decided to spend 150 million Euros, on the build of a mammoth church, right in the center of its capital while medics from all around the country were screaming that they do not have enough resources to keep up with the day-to-day cases.

Romania has just under 28,000 cases throughout the country, the number of schools is 7000, the number of hospitals 576. There are 50 times more churches than hospitals and 4 times the number of schools.

how coronavirus knocked down religion

A grim fact about the Balkans, during the full-blown pandemic, the church called for large gatherings and shared communion with the same spoon, common in orthodox countries like Romania or Serbia.

24 hours later a good portion of the priests in the region confirmed positive for coronavirus and so did their congregations.

A substantial portion of the population has left the country because it lost trust in the government’s ability to secure a bright future for them.

Despite the obvious poor planning of the government, society has come together privately and through completely independent of the state efforts they have successfully crowdfunded close to 30 million Euros and have built their own hospital for childcare.

Romania is not alone.

how coronavirus knocked down religion

In the United States, there are currently 45,000 churches and only 6000 hospitals.   

It might not be Romania’s 50 time’s number, but it’s still 7.5 times a multiple. And churches aren’t cheap to run either, so maybe it’s time society starts to think about the return society is getting from your dollar spend.

In the tough times when these churches need to remain open and help human beings with some miracle, they have been shut down from the day coronavirus has been declared a pandemic, spreading throughout the world!

Tablighi Jamaat: Coronavirus Fiasco or Corona Jihad?

Courtesy – YouTube – Even God could not save them!

Islamic organization Tablighi Jamaat has come under focus after several of its preachers tested positive for COVID-19 in at least three distinct locations across India.

It began on 16 March, when 10 Indonesians in Telangana were admitted to the hospital after one of them showed symptoms of Coronavirus. By 18 March, eight of them were said to be infected by COVID-19.

Then four days later, two Thai nationals tested positive for Coronavirus in Tamil Nadu.

Finally, on 26 March, a resident of Kashmir died due to COVID-19, the first fatality for the virus in the state.

What is common between all these people is that they were all associated with the Tablighi Jamaat and had attended a meet at the Tablighi Jamaat Markaz (Headquarters) – the Banglewali Masjid in Delhi’s Nizamuddin area – between 8-10 March.

In the case of a few of the Telangana patients, it was 13-15 March. After their stay in Delhi, they traveled towards South India, where they showed symptoms of COVID-19.

Courtesy – YouTube

Where are all Messengers of God?

It’s all fun and games when society is doing well when everything is working as it should and we’re so safe and secure that we begin searching for problems where there aren’t any.

Then calamity of a pandemic like a coronavirus strikes.

Every superficial bullshit gets wiped out immediately, exposing the world as it is, a scary place that needs knowledge, insight, and expertise to get us out of the demanding situation we find ourselves in.

In times like these, the pretenders are quiet, while those who can truly solve this go to work.

Let’s say you’re an Antivax person and your mother gets infected with the coronavirus and by some miracle we find a vaccine that can cure the illness.

You’ve tried your essential oils and burned some sage around here, but she’s still not getting better.

What’s your call?

The same goes for crystal huggers and healers.

It’s easy to play the part of a mystical being when your powers work in mysterious ways, but today you can prove yourself, but why isn’t anybody doing it?

Because it’s all bullshit.

These are the people, who want to take advantage of desperate individuals.

Speaking of taking advantage, there are few things worse than the multi-millionaire televangelists in the US, the exception of making the priest from Romania we mentioned earlier.

Courtesy – YouTube

One of the most recent televangelists that came under fire in the US is Jim Bakker, who on his show sold a $125 “Silver Solution” implying that it’s a coronavirus cure.

Televangelist Jim Bakker is being sued by the state of Missouri for selling fake coronavirus cures on his website. On Monday, the Jim Bakker Show and six other companies were warned by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to stop selling unapproved products and treatments.

Bakker’s website offered products like “Silver Sol Liquid,” which claimed to be able to diagnose or cure the coronavirus illness, COVID-19. In a letter to the Jim Bakker Show, the FDA said the products are in violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. 

It took the FDA a couple of days to shut him down.

Another one of our favorites here on the channel is Kenneth Copeland, whom we’ve covered in detail in our article: God Loves Billionaires Part 1 and Part 2, who healed viewers of the coronavirus through their televisions just a couple of nights ago with 0 real-life effects.

In times of crisis, we are forced to return to core principles, to physics, to chemistry, to science that’s true no matter what your horoscope says.


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