How Coronavirus Exposed Your Dark Side?

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How Coronavirus Exposed Your Dark Side?


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Coronavirus was just each country on this planet by surprise.

Since the reporting of the first death in December 2019, every Government has forced its population to observe lockdown, where they must stay inside their house, along with their families.

If you check out the history, you will find that such lockdown has never been exercised in the past 100 years. The Ultimate Managed Hosting PlatformThis lockdown has knocked off the Global Economy to the ground, as due to forced lockdown, all industries have also been shut. 

This lockdown within your house’s parameter also forced each soul of this planet to expose their inner darker side, which is hidden from the world. 

This pandemic has not even spared the religion and God from getting knocked down too and has shown that both are equally helpless as the Human Beings are expected to protect!!

How? Let’s dive into this controversial topic… how has coronavirus exposed your dark side?

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Who are you really as a person?

We were hoping you could take a good look at who you’ve been these past few days.

How have you behaved?

What your thoughts were?

What did you do?

What did you say?

How you’ve been? 

Coronavirus has put a mirror in front of all of us in a unique scenario when we’re alone. 

Some people hoarded hand sanitiser at the expense of everyone else, hoping to make a quick buck by reselling it on eBay for 20x the price. 

You felt smart, didn’t you?! 

Some people decided to ignore every call to action out there and act arrogantly.

Others brushed it off as international conspiracies, all coming down from the top – whatever that means.SEMrush Did you worry about your parents and grandparents?

Do you have a plan to support them in these troubling times?

Can you support yourself?

The thing about tragedies – of any kind – is that they force you to rethink your life, and please do:

Are you happy? 

Who is there for you, and who are you there for?

What do you want your life to be when all of this is over?

Please take this opportunity and focus on yourself. 

Ask yourself the puzzling questions you’ve been postponing facing your reality and try to be better than you previously were. 

Although coronavirus says a lot about our society, about our leaders, about our countries, it says a great deal about ourselves as well. 

With the extra time you have on your hands, take the time to re-evaluate some things and make sure to share your findings with others, which is why we’re raising the following question:

What did you learn from the Corona Virus period about both yourself and others?

We can’t wait to see your input in the comments!

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Who you are as a Spouse?

You got married under the scheme or “Arranged Marriage”, where your parents forced you to marry someone you saw the first time before marriage.

Tons of money was spent on your marriage, leading to piled up never-ending marriage loans.

Or through “Love Marriage”, where you took the decision to marry someone you love, based on the dream and promises shown by both of you, about life after marriage.

Then suddenly, a pandemic called coronavirus starts spreading throughout the world.

Due to the ease of spreading the pandemic through human interaction and its high mortality rate, suddenly, every country’s government announced “Lockdown” without any warning for more than 30 days (based on that area’s death toll).

Now, you are locked inside your house with your spouse, with no option to go out.

Irrespective of the type of marriage, your relationship with your spouse will get clear during the complete duration of the lockdown, where many hidden marital issues will surely start surfacing, and slowly, you will realize the truth regarding your relationship.

Some of the important questions which need to be thought about…

Do you love your spouse and express it equally during the full duration of lockdown?

In the case of Love Marriages, where the couple might have to fight with their parents to get married to each other. Now do both of you regret your decision every day.

Is your spouse able to fulfil your needs as a life partner? Or were you managing the show before lockdown got activated, through secret extra-marital affairs?

Do you miss your Office “Secret Office or Facebook” Love?

How are you coping up with the separation from your “Secret Love”?

Do you prefer to spend time watching Netflix junk or talking to your spouse?

How many times did you make love during the lockdown had Orgasm?

How many times have both of you experienced “Orgasm” or just made a fool of each other through great fake performances?

In case you are living in a joint family arrangement, how are you spending time with your mother/ father-in-law?

Many of the unanswered issues will get clear while finding out answers to the above questions.

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Who you are, as a parent?

During happy times, you used to remain busy with office work for a significant portion of the day.

The remaining time was spent travelling, getting ready for the office, gym (if you are a health freak), etc. 

Kids also used to have a busy routine during school days with school, sports, tuitions, exams, extra-curricular activities, etc.

You rarely managed to spend time with your kids under the excuse of a “Busy Routine”.

Now during the lockdown, were you able to spend “Quality” time with your kids?

Did your kids enjoy your company at home?

Or you and your kids were spending personal and isolated time cursing China for creating this pandemic and spreading it like “Wildfire”?

Did you and your kids learn from each other while spending 24×7 at home? 

Did you and your kids avoid crossing each other’s path within the small piece of land called home? 

Did you and your kids eagerly wait for the office and school to re-open after the containment of the pandemic?

How quickly are the young willing to sacrifice the old?

This might be a distinct perspective from the one you’re accustomed to, and it boils down to the level of empathy people are displaying right now. 

In numerous interviews, we’ve heard the younger segment of the population say things like:

“It’s not that serious… it only kills the old and the ill!”

Anything that kills is serious!!!

There’s something that bothers us deeply about this perspective.

How quickly are we to dismiss our elders and those going through sickness as expandable

Would it be the same if your partner were fighting an illness right now? 

Are you willing to just let them die because, by chance, you have a better shot at survival? 

We know this isn’t the case with everyone, but this underlying issue we’ve identified runs deeper than COVID-19. 

It’s about human disconnect. 

It seems we have lost the notion of a community. 

Everyone is thinking in terms of “ME” instead of “WE”. This disconnects between generations, boomers vs millennials & gen z are in full swing in the middle of this pandemic.

Through memes, the younger generation is calling COVID-19 the “BOOMER Removal”, and unknowingly the offended boomers are making it trend.

How fucked up is this?!

Everyone has people they care about.

Everyone knows someone who is struggling with health issues, and above everything, we had higher expectations of everyone coming together and doing their part.

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How fragile our society is!

Remember when we used to be in awe at how much of impact snow would have on the organization of transport? 

Every year the cleaning crews would be caught off guard by snow in the middle of January, and all traffic would come to a standstill until it got cleared out. 

Coronavirus was a million times that. 

It exposed so many flaws in our society, in our processes, in our systems & in ourselves. 

The flaws are not new, yet we deliberately ignore them or even legitimize them through policy.

The problem of poverty among the masses is not something new.

The lack of infrastructure isn’t either or the fact that essential personnel is paid minuscule amounts to push profits to the limit.

Personnel that is now asked to give their lives to save as many people as possible. 

While some of us observe the phenomenon and have quarantined ourselves as recommended.

There is still a generous portion of the population that thinks that this isn’t serious or better than everyone else. 

For the love of the meme: We live in a society! 

A society that’s already collapsing while we try to keep ourselves distracted with countless hours of entertainment. 

Our old is ill.

Our young are depressed!

Our governments are corrupt, and you’re just sitting there pondering it all. 

But there is good in the world. 

There’s good when we come together. Just not in person right now.

“A society that brings people together is greater than the sum of all individuals!”

The old get better with medical health.

The young feel better when they know that they have someone to talk to, and you are an essential piece of this puzzle; without you, the image isn’t right. 

The thing about exposing the world’s fragilities is that they shine a light on what you must fix, and some of it begins with you!

Real-Life Incident

A fruit seller in Delhi left his crates of mangoes unattended for a while, and almost everyone who saw them raided those crates and robbed them clean in a matter of seconds.

Just like that, India’s Common Man can become a thief who steals from a poor man.

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