Found daughter’s Nude Clip in Her Mobile! Now What?

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Found daughter’s Nude Clip In Her Mobile!

A man posted an anonymous question mentioned below:-

I happen to use the old smartphone of my stepdaughter.

While using it, I happen to see one nude clip of hers stored in her mobile.

How to handle this situation?

Shall I involve my wife in this case?

I am worried that if I tell my wife about this issue, then the relationship between them will deteriorate.

What shall I do?

A very important question, which needs a very meticulous answer.

Please Note

Please appreciate that the girl is your stepdaughter and not a biological daughter. So, before acting like James Bond 007, you need to involve your wife.

No doubts about it.

You should keep your wife informed about this issue, with advice not to create panic.

Maybe she will find a better solution to this issue.

But in case of own biological daughters, the father just needs to wake up and start his firefighting in supersonic speed.

Recommended Solution to handle the problem

You need to first investigate, where exactly the clip was shared…

We are sure she doesn’t need to see her own nude clip. She must have made that nude clip for her boyfriend.

If it is shared with her boyfriend, then how are her relations with him now?

If she has a good relationship with him, then you need to invite him for dinner or coffee, talk to him (like a man to man talk) and upfront asks him to delete the clip in front of you.

If he really loves your daughter then he will surely understand your concerns.

You need to make sure that by any chance he has not shared this clip with his friends. Why?

Because in case she breaks up with him in the future, then the circulation of that nude clip will be the easiest task to take revenge.

Mobile Hacking. Also, in case his mobile is hacked by some hacker, due to the unconscious click on some malicious link, then without him knowing about it, that nude clip will land into their custody, leaving an option with them to misuse it in exchange of money, in future.

Uploading of clip-on Porn Websites. If she has broken up with him, then God only will be able to save her. Because there are very high chances that the clip may get uploaded on the internet on some Porn Website.

Nude clip of anyone is like a ransom bait for any person possessing it.

You will never know, how exactly it will be misused like circulation to friends for fun, or uploading on the internet for personal grudges.

Role of Biological Father. Also, you may require to involve her biological father too.

Irrespective of present circumstances, we are dead sure that he will turn out to be a great help.

Why do you need to panic?

If that clip gets uploaded on the internet on some porn website by any means, then there is no way you can put it down.

It will be downloaded a million times and circulated around the world like wildfire.

You know how things go viral like wildfire.

Lastly, if this clip is uploaded on some porn website then be assured that it will haunt her till her last breath on this planet.

Million Dollars Question

Why on earth did your daughter/ stepdaughter had shot her nude clip?

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