Expectations from a Daughter!

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Expectations from a Daughter!


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Playing the role of a daughter if like walking on an exceptionally fine line, with every set of eyes watching her every move very very closely.

She is always under public scan, and in case of any F*ck Up, she can be ready to see herself on the Social TV of her neighborhood.

Confused Life of a Daughter

The main expectations of the parents (both logical and illogical) from their daughters are:-

Before Marriage!

If she is talking to any boy, then as per society that boy must have had sex with her. That girl is definitely in a relationship with that boy.

Even if she is fucking her boyfriend then she should do it discreetly, without letting anyone know about it.

If anyone does find out about the secret sexual adventure, then it always the girl’s fault. She must have tried to lure that boy into sex.

She should not feature in some sex video recorded by her boyfriend secretly, which may be sold to some porn website (Part 1 and Part 2).

If any sex videos of any girl do leak onto some porn website and go viral, then it is always a girl, whose name and family name will be maligned as if she is only responsible for that incident.

Do you remember the face of the name of the boy, who secretly shot the famous DPS RK Puram sex video in their school’s chemistry laboratory?

Most probably the answer will be No! But everyone does remember the face of the girl, featured in that sex video, even though no respectable soul will ever accept watching a porn video.

She should not get pregnant with premarital sex or contract STDs.

Complete her education with flying colours. Better, if she can manage scholarship.

The other best option is to stop her education and let her get a master’s degree in cooking, cleaning of the house and other household chores.


In today’s world arranged marriages (Part 1 and Part 2) are the only way to get hooked to someone for life. It is better to kill her than to allow her to marry a man of her dream.

Be financially independent as soon as possible.

After Marriage

Some females are not allowed to try their hands in the outside world. They are expected to stay at home like some trophy and smilingly welcome all guests.

If she is not getting along well with her husband, then she should never try or ask her parents to help her with divorce proceedings. If she faces some problem with marriage or sex life, then she should manage “the show”, without making a fuss of her life.

Have kids as per her husband’s and in-laws’ wishes (Part 1 and Part 2).

If she cannot produce a son and keeping giving birth to girls, then she is not worth any respect.

She should never ask her to ask for help from her own biological parents in upbringing her kids (Part 1 and Part 2). They have already invested their life in upbringing her to adulthood, now they should be left in peace in their old age.

In the last stage of their life, the daughter should remain dependent on her husband till her last breath.

After her husband’s death, she is on her own to rot in old age homes or may even be left to streets to beg for a living (Part 1 and Part 2).

The daughter is allowed to live to either follow instructions of their father or brother, then the husband and then son till their last breath.

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