Expectations from a Daughter!

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Playing the role of a daughter if like walking on a very fine line, with every set of eyes watching her every move very very closely. She is always under public scan, and in case of any F*ck Up, she can be ready to see herself on the Social TV of her neighborhood.

The main expectations of the parents (both logical and illogical) from their daughters are:-

  • If she is f*ucking her boyfriend then she should do it discreetly, without letting anyone know about it.
  • She should not features in some sex video recorded by her boyfriend secretly, which may be sold to some porn website.
  • She should not get pregnant with premarital sex or contract STDs.
  • Complete her education with flying colors. Better, if she can manage scholarship.
  • Be financially independent as soon as possible.
  • Marry a man of her dream and never ask her parents to help her with divorce proceedings.
  • If she faces some problem with marriage or sex life, then she should manage the show, without making a fuss of her life.
  • Have kids as per wishes and never ask her parents to help her in upbringing them. They have already invested their life in upbringing her to adulthood, now they should be left in peace in their old age.
  • In the last stage of their life, the daughter should look after their health.
  • Their daughter should be with them during their last moments on this planet.

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