Dream Gentleman: What Do Women Want?

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Dream Gentleman: What Do Women Want?


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Men and women have a different hierarchy of needs regarding partners and what they look for in their potential spouses. 

The topic of “Dream Lady: What Do Men Want?” is for anyone determined to evolve as a better version of oneself.The Ultimate Managed Hosting PlatformDream Gentleman: What Do Women Want? They also serve as a beautiful way to self-check and see how well you perform in these fields of your life.

If you are lucky enough to have a good partner by your side, this is a perfect opportunity to remind you to feel great.

With that said, let’s get this started to understand the traits of a “Dream Man”.

Without wasting any time, let’s dive into the topic, “Dream Gentleman: What Do Women Want?


Of course, we’re going to put money first on this list. 

Otherwise, we’d never hear the end of it from you guys.

Money represents more than stacks of paper with dead people on it.

But many of us are not rich.

dream gentleman

But we need to introspect, Why You Are Not Rich?

Women look for how much a man earns to quantify the level of respect society is offering him. 

Yep! this is the world we live in. 

Don’t believe us? 

Will you allow your daughter to marry a poor man who can be a good life partner but struggles to earn handsome wealth? 

We don’t need to guess the answer; by default, the answer is “NO”!

Money is a measurement of success, and everybody wants to be with someone successful.

But, men judge other men by this as well. 

So, get off your high horse.

When someone asks you what you do for a living, they’re usually trying to determine if you’re above or below them on an economic scale.

dream gentleman

Something we want to make clear from the very start.

Money only impresses lazy girls.

When a woman works hard herself, a man with money is just a bonus, not a ladder to an upgrade.

If all your partner looks for in you is money, you’re bound to have an unhappy life. 

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You will even be surprised to know that even God Loves Billionaires. 

Don’t believe us?

Please do read the excellent articles, God Love Billionaires?

Social Status

For most women, Social Status is even more valuable than money.

Social status has been with us from the early days, and it’s genetically embedded within us.

In the animal kingdom, the alpha male gets to mate with all the females because they are genetically programmed to procreate and carry the most capable specimen’s genes.

This still is the case in many Arab countries, where a man can have multiple wives.

Polygamy is not as uncommon as you think it is around the world. dream gentleman

Social status grants a person respect for the people who are under them in the hierarchy. 

10% of the men have access to 90% of the dating pool.

Everybody else is just trying to figure it out for themselves.

Our society has been put together, and the things we use most commonly to differentiate each other are still to this day.

Money and Social Status! That’s what this 10 % of men usually have.


The good genes we mentioned earlier are still precious in determining the prospect of a mate.

Most women look for someone healthy who seems like he’s going to be a solid partner for the remaining time they are together.

Someone you can rely on and who won’t break down under the stress of daily life’s difficulties.

A physically fit body dramatically increases your value in the dating pool since we are all sensual beings.

Out of everything mentioned on this list, this is the easiest thing to change in your life.

Start moving your body and burning more than you’re putting in.SEMrush Building up body muscle isn’t easy to signify that someone is healthy and taking care of themselves.

However, remember this. A lousy personality can make even the most attractive person look ugly.

And something to mention before we move forward, it doesn’t matter if you consider yourself ugly or not. 

Natural beauty isn’t something you can control.

Yet you are in charge of how much effort you put into the way people see you.

Always be clean.

Fix your teeth.

Get a haircut and hit the gym.

You’ll start to notice the difference immediately.


Charisma is something different.

Most men think they have it.

But very few do.

It’s more of a chemical imbalance in the brain that drives people to be charismatic.

Charisma or charm is the combination of physical, hormonal attraction and excitement generated by someone’s way of being.

The first part is about pheromones.

dream gentleman

Only 10% of the male population secretes an abundant amount of pheromone, and these men are considered naturally sexy.

Combine that with manners and attention to detail, and you’ve got yourself the perfect package.

These people can almost get away with anything because they’re so damn charming.

If you’ve noticed something special in men like James Dean, Gerard Butler, Tom Hardy or George Clooney.

It’s not only because of their attractive traits. It’s about how they carry themselves.


Women want someone who can take the initiative. Who trusts his abilities?

Suppose you don’t believe in yourself; how do you expect others to do it?

Confidence is one of the most attractive traits in a partner. 

A track record of successful performances usually generates this state.

It’s a lot easier to look confident about public speaking when it’s your twentieth talk on the topic and received the previous ones successfully.

A confident man is someone who knows successes within his reach.

It’s easy to lack it when you’ve never done anything like this.

Suppose you’re tired of looking down on yourself.

If you’re not happy with the way, things are going for you or where your life is going.

It might be time to slap yourself back to reality.

If you don’t change, your life will only get worse.

It would be best if you built yourself up from the ground.

If you’re going to become the man or woman, who’s going to escape this trap, you’ve built yourself into.

Someone, Who Can Protect or Take Care of Her.

There’s an internal need for shelter and security, and everybody wants in their lives.

It’s the second level in Maslow’s pyramid of needs, ranking just above food, water, and warmth.

dream gentleman

This doesn’t necessarily mean a partner that can fight an entire army for her.

Although physical protection is a dominating factor of differentiation between men.

But more so, somebody who will be there to hold her hand and walk alongside her through life’s difficulties.

The underlying need is to feel safe when she’s being held in your arms.

It should feel like home.

Someone, Who’s Gonna Stand Up for Her.

This is another essential thing.

It doesn’t mean getting your ass whooped just because your girl has a loudmouth and can’t hold her liquor. No! Not at all!

It means that you’re in this together.

You’ve got her back, and she’s got yours.

You’re a team, partners, and a squad of two.

Never allow anybody to disrespect the people you love and care about.

Not because of personal pride, but because this is your internal metric for how much you value the relationship.

Real men don’t need to fight anyone to communicate their value.

Please stand up for her because it’s the right thing to do. Not because you want to put on a show.

Someone, Who Doesn’t Play Games.

Hey! Nobody got time for that.

Games are for children!

Commitment is such a big issue today, and most men struggle with it.

Mainly because they are not mature enough.

They suffer from what is commonly known as the Peter Pan complex.

dream gentleman

They try to remain a kid forever, postponing the realities of life until they come crashing down on them.

This also has biological roots engraved in our society.

Women are forced by society to grow up quicker than men because their biological clocks are ticking.

If they want to enjoy motherhood, specific time frames need to be respected.

While men tend to linger on a bit more.

It’s all fun and games when you’re young.

But it comes to a point where immaturity acts against your best interests, and most men end up living with regret or calling it the one that got away because they were behind in their evolution.

Someone, Who Is Exciting!

Life is exciting as it is, but even more so when you can share that excitement with someone else.

There’s beauty and discovering new things, and there is value around the person who brings excitement into your life.

dream gentleman

It’s exciting to think that many of the best moments in your life are ahead of you, waiting for you to arrive and experience them together.

Women are looking for a man that makes her life exciting and worthwhile.

It’s fun to fool around.

To feel your blood rushing through your veins.

To feel alive.

And not just in the beginning, either.

Many people forget about excitement and get caught up in daily life routines, with this part of themselves slowly dying.

That’s when they end up craving excitement and start looking for it in other places.

Street Smarts

Nobody mentions street smarts anywhere.

But an hour’s experience, it’s something everybody considers.

They’re looking for someone who can handle themselves.

Who understands what the world is like and how to navigate it?

dream gentleman

Street smarts are a cocktail of soft and hard skills, understanding social dynamics and what it takes to get what you want.

To call it instinct, gut feeling, or whatever you want.

It’s a highly developed form of emotional intelligence that allows them to move closer to the edge but not fall over.

Unless you’re dealing with a specific technical problem that requires a specialized knowledge base, street smarts will consistently outperform book smarts in the real world if the minimum requirements for participation are met.

A Good Listener

You’ve heard this before, but very few of you know what it means.

Pretending to pay attention doesn’t get you exceptionally far.

So, here we got you covered.

Being a good listener requires you to…

One, to show genuine interest in learning more about the person.

Most men find this challenging enough.

Two, remembering the information and…

Three, using that information, to make decisions that relate to your relationship.

Becoming a better listener will help in every aspect of your life, from personal to professional.

Stop interrupting and pay attention to what’s being said.

That’s why the universe gave you two ears and a single mouth.

Shared Sense of Humour

Laughter brings people together.

So does share interest and shared hate, for that matter.

But we’ll focus on the humour part for now.

So, why is this important?

Well, the more she laughs, the less she looks at your face.

dream gentleman

Just kidding.

It’s because laughter releases endorphins in your brain, relieving stress, and makes someone feel comfortable and safe around you.

Being funny is a sign of intellect.

Not just anybody can be funny, and not everybody finds the same things hilarious.

That’s why it’s such a fantastic thing when you click with someone.

When you’re thinking the same thing, and you get each other’s jokes.

Someone, Who Can Make Her Feel Sexy!

We are all struggling with our self-image.

Especially today, in the age of faked perfection on social media.

It’s more important than ever to practice self-love.

Just not to the detriment of self-improvement, but even more so as a tool to achieve it.

dream gentleman

Take care of yourself and then flatter her.

Be proud of the woman she is.

As John Legend says, enjoy her curves and all her edges.

Light that fire in the relationship.

Kiss her, as you mean it.

Play with her body.

Allow her to be sexy without being vulgar unless you’re in private quarters.

Sexiness doesn’t have an age limit, but it does have a mindset limit.

It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If you stop feeling sexy, your sex appeal drops.

Women want someone with who they can prolong this feeling as much as possible.

Someone, Who Would be Willing to Sacrifice for Her.

This is a story as the oldest time itself.

Man wants a woman.

The woman is away.

So, man has to overcome the obstacle.

Has to sacrifice.

Come out victorious and earn his prize. dream gentleman

Every story in your childhood follows this same path.

This is not a feminist article, so we’ll put all those discussions to the side for now.

What this desire means is that you’re willing to sacrifice yourself for her well-being.

That’s why Titanic is such an iconic movie.

At the end of the film, Jack decides to let go so that she can use the floating door to survive even though there was enough room on there for them both, but anyway.

Personal sacrifice shows the other person how much you value her.

How much would you be willing to sacrifice to be with someone?

Your throne! Your goals! Your life!

Be careful of just how much of a sacrifice you’re willing to make because sometimes it might not be worth it.

People love to bring Romeo and Juliet as the symbol of love, but they were an immature young couple.

She was 13, he was 17, in a relationship that lasted only three days, which resulted in six people’s death.

Be careful with sacrifice.

You might be doing it wrong.

Someone, Who Can Build Her Up.

We’re all looking for partners that make us stronger, who helped us evolve, to become a better version of ourselves.

Your relationship must help you grow.

Not necessarily change.

But develop the positives and remove the negatives.

Most women look for a man who encourages them to pursue their dreams.

dream gentleman

Who’s there to help her up when she falls.

Who’s not threatened by her potential success.

We are sculpting each other through our relationships, and the other person needs to have both the skills and the desire to turn marble into the dream stone.

In return, she will do the same for you.

Now while concluding this article, we must keep it real right.

A Perfectly Sized Package.

What does this mean?

Oh! You know what it means.

Sex is important. Orgasm is even more important.

Most women find it an issue to be with someone who lacks in the “Pleasure Department”.

That said, too big is painful and unpleasant.

That’s why size does matter.

Although most people say it’s not the boat’s size, it’s the ocean’s motion, which is more important.

Preferably, it would be best if you were above the 13-centimetre average.

That’s about 3.5 inches for those failed by the educational system.

dream gentleman

Girth is more important than length, and it matters who’s the captain of the ship.

It is something to consider though we’re all different, although this list is built on what successful women might look for in a man.

These things can vary, depending on culture, upbringing, education, and more.

We want to thank the Explicit Facts community, the readers for being part of this esteemed community.

We would like to know for ladies of the Explicit Facts community…

What would you add to this list?

What do women look for in a man?

Ladies of Explicit Facts community!

We would love to see your views in the comment section below.

And the men, be honest with yourself and figure out which of these you would like to improve on?

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