Do Fathers Rape Their Own Daughters? (Part 1)

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While going through daily feeds on one of our Social Media Platforms, we came across a real-life story posted by an anonymous writer.

By the time we finished this story, all the members of Team Explicit Facts were in tears.

So, we decided to post this story as it is, without any modification.

People with weak hearts may refrain from reading ahead.

Father raped at 13!

“My mom had me at 13 because she was raped by her dad and she lived in an area where abortion was greatly discouraged. Lived with her grandma and my grandma.

Mother’s Hardships. My mom tried her best to raise me but she was just too young to do anything significant.

I remember with great remorse that she always worked 2 jobs to try and support me.

My mom was a saint, she treated me like the most precious thing of her life.

Son Tried. I was very good academically compared to my peers, though I didn’t realize how much it made my mom happy at that time. This was during my high school.

I wanted to make my momma happy that’s all I cared for that time.

She used to watch me study late nights till 2 in the morning though I had school at 9 am.

She told me “ Promise me that you will stay strong. You wake up every morning to fight the demons that left you so tired the night before, and that my love, is bravery “

Though I didn’t understand what was her thoughts at that time, I told her not to worry about anything and go to sleep.

She was never abusive or strict towards me, she would often spoil me rotten, she loved me a lot and I loved her.

My grandma died when I was pretty young and eventually we were on our own and it put a lot of stress on my mom.

She was depressed and tired.

Nothing had gone right in her life.

She had no education or pension.

She wasn’t able to find a husband because her situation was really undesirable and she worked 6 days a week and just didn’t have time or energy to socialize.

She didn’t have any friends and I was all she ever had but she never took it out on me.

Always she would find a way to make me happy.

I remember one Christmas, in particular, she bought me a laptop and to do that she had to work overtime and skip meals half time. She was dangerously skinny at that time.

Finally, She Gave Up.

After I graduated from college and moved out, She killed herself.

She said in her suicide note that she loved me more than anything and she would miss me but now I was a man of my own life

Tears rolled down my face. I was devastated.

She couldn’t live anymore. She didn’t have a reason to live anymore because she hated her life but she loved me.

Rest in peace, mom.”

Some Unanswered Explicit Questions

Father’s Sins. Just imagine the plight of that girl, who got raped by her own father at a very young age and became a mother at 13! Now can someone answer the explicit questions…

When a father rapes his own daughter then is this fine fabric not crumbling down to ashes?

Is an urge for “s*x” is so important that a father ends up raping his own daughter, without a second thought?

Was there no other alternative for the father to quench his thirst for having s*x?

Are daughters brought up for the sake of quenching one’s s*xual urges? 

Was her father so incapable to think about the consequences of raping his own daughter?

Once the father only turns into an animal and rapes his daughter, then what is the next option with that daughter to seek help from?

When a girl is staying with her father, then is there any way for society to doubt his intentions regarding his own daughter?

Once people find a girl in the company of her father, then all doubts are automatically erased! Now what?

After getting raped by her own father, what reason will that girl be left with to trust “ANY  MAN” around her?

Did the father not killed her daughter on the day he raped her?

Had she not got pregnant, then what were the chances that he would not had raped her after that fateful day?

Society’s Sins!!

Abortion was discouraged by society!!!

Was the society blind to see a little girl dealing with pregnancy, but not allowing her to abort it as it was a sheer case of rape?

Is it so easy for the whole society to let a little girl, undergo the labour of pregnancy, instead of helping her to have freedom for the consequences of her father’s sin?

Have we NOT failed as a society?

When society discouraged that girl to undergo an abortion, then did anyone around her came to help her in the upbringing of her baby? Or as a society, our role is just limited to give dictate what others should do or not do and silently watch the consequences of its dictate?

Is it not the high time when we start recognising the importance of legalizing prostitution so that daughters are safe from their own father’s grips?

Was there not a single man or family, who could consider her for marriage and another chance to live a decent and respectable life?

Understanding “The Girl’s” Mentality

That girl killed herself after her son graduated!!!

That means she was FORCED to look after a kid, who was the result of a horrifying rape!

When the girls of her age were playing with toys, she was looking after a kid!

When the girls of her age with flirting around with different boys, she was running around to make her both ends meet!

She was forced to patiently work for 2 jobs just to ensure the good upbringing of her kids, without any external support!

Hats of that young lady, who inspite of everything happened in her life, brought her son up like a lioness! Not a single day that kid was made to believe that he was an unwanted child!

Not a single day the kid was made to wait for resources for his schooling and college!

That means she was just waiting for her son to grow up, get graduated and move on in life!

That means she was fed up with the circumstances around her and was just patiently counting days for her son to be “A MAN”!


That means, she was dying every single day of her life!

What a shame!

What a shame!

Hats off to this brave lady on this planet, who accepted her life with a patient smile.

She gave her best in the upbringing of her kids.

When the kid turned into “THE MAN”, she didn’t hesitate a single day, to give this life and free herself from this BAD BAD WORLD by KILLING HERSELF!

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