Diabetes = A Billion Dollars Industry! Can it be cured? Yes!

Our Achievements. After publishing this article below, our world was turned upside down. Along with appreciations, we received a lot of backlash from various quarters. Therefore, we decided to post one screenshot of comments received from few of the readers, on our Facebook page "Explicit Facts" and webpage, as shown below after our article was actually published on our website and other social media platforms.

The aim of posting these comments before the commencement of the actual article is to prove our point that one can fight diabetes without wasting hard earned money on insulin. Let's not surrender in front of Medical crooks.

We are sure that after reading the below-mentioned comments the readers will have more confidence in our solution to this century-old problem.


This below-mentioned article will touch upon a topic, which challenges existing malpractices in the field of medical science. 

Note. The aim is to spread awareness. This article is for people with a positive attitude.

Before confirming the reversing process of diabetes, it is very important to understand the main reason behind its advertisement as a lifelong disease.

Diabetes happens to be a Billion Dollars Industry, where a patient is a customer (as long as he is alive!) and pharmaceutical companies are suppliers.


Now just imagine, if one patient contracts diabetes at the age of 40 years and dies at the age of 80 years. So, depending upon the type of diabetes, the patient will require many doses of insulin, everyday day, round the year (take a figure of 3 injections), for the rest of 40 years. The calculation of total insulin doses required for the span of 40 years goes to 3x30x12x40= 43,200 doses!!!!!

Basic Calculation. Assuming the cost of insulin per day will be approximately Rs. 150/- per day (as of 2018), if we assume that the cost of insulin injections will remain constant for 40 years. That amounts to approximately Rs. 56,000 per year and Rs 22,00,000/- for 40 years! The actual cost of the insulin will be much higher if we consider inflation and will double in case of children with Type 1 diabetes. If you don't have medical insurance then God may save you and your family.

Uninsured Healthcare

Ever Growing Profits. Now imagine the total amount of money the pharmaceutical companies will make if every doctor recommend insulin injection to every patient for a medical condition, called high blood sugar. With 62 million diabetes patients in India only, and still counting, we don't have to imagine the total size of the money generated.

Google provides free services to every soul on this planet, free of cost! But, even a child knows that in order to keep services free, they secretly sell your personal data, collected over a period of time, to different companies.

Every phenomenon happening on this planet stops at money!

Modus Operandi

Let's further dig into to know about the chain of people actually deciding or advertising about course of actions to fight diabetes.

All pharmaceutical companies have research laboratories where they make new medicines using different chemicals or minerals through permutation and combinations. These research findings are shared with professional doctors, who prescribe medicines to their patients.

Marketing. The main problem starts with the marketing team of these pharmaceutical companies. In order to achieve the sales target, sometimes they go overboard to ensure elevated sales of insulin.

Now when a patient is diagnosed with diabetes by any doctor, then instead of pushing them for change in their lifestyle and nutrition, it is pumped into the brain of that person that he or she will have to take insulin throughout the day, in the form of injections, in order to utilize glucose consumed in the form of food. This process of injecting of insulin happens many times a day and continues till last breath.

Fear Factor

Story: Once a man felt a prick on his left toe, with slight bleeding. a moment later, he saw a snake hissing near him. He just panicked and died of shock. When his dead body was examined, then it was revealed that he had actually died of shock. The snake was non-poisonous.

Moral of the story Shock can kill a man. A snake may not!

Emotional Turmoil. As soon as a patient is diagnosed with diabetes, a phase of emotional turmoil takes place. The stress of the new or unplanned expenses to buy insulin breaks down, further shattering the patient's confidence. In short, the patient witnesses a big earthquake in life, with so-called irreparable damages. The patient is informed that if they don't consume insulin, their blood sugar level will go out of control resulting in a situation of blindness, limb amputation or death.

Now after listening to the same theory from different doctors, the patient will have no option but to blind start consuming insulin, with a hope that he will survive the next 40 years without any medical issues.

Example 2. Just moments before 100 m race in Rio Olympics, had someone shown Usain Bolt's blood reports to him, as positive for Diabetes, we are sure that under no circumstances he would have won that race or for that matter any race in future. Diabetes diagnosis would have shattered his soul.

Medical Corruption

Although we all say that the "Doctor is like a God". But these Gods also come from the same society from where corrupt politicians and Govt officials come. Everyone wants to be rich with the blink of an eye. Doctors are no exceptions.

From the money earned by companies by sales of insulin, some cut or commission is paid to all doctors prescribing it. These commissions are given in the form of cash, foreign tours, gifts and so on. It's also to be noted that all doctors are not culprits.

This profit sharing is not restricted to one particular region, religion, caste or race, but is happening throughout the world. History is has witnessed many such instances where money has taken over full control of humanity.

Business & medicine

If any doctor, who raises a concern about this malpractice then other ways and means are used to sort him out professionally and socially.

Now let us straightaway jump into the process of fighting out diabetes.

What is Diabetes?

Before we further dig into the basic theory and its natural cure, let us first understand its dictionary meaning.

"Diabetes is a disease in which the body’s ability to produce or respond to the hormone insulin is impaired, resulting in abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates and elevated levels of glucose in the blood".

In layman's language if we have sugar level in the blood beyond permissible limits, then we call this condition as diabetes. Diabetes is not a disease but a medical condition, which varies from one moment to another. Now let us simplify it further and try to understand how it works.

Blood Pressure vs Blood Sugar. We all know that Blood Pressure (BP) of a body varies from one moment to another and keep changing with variation in circumstances around that body. If we relax, then BP settles down to the normal level and if we start running or strain our body at a particular moment, then BP shoots up beyond permissible limits for that particular moment, which will not be termed as a chronic illness. Once we stop running and relax again, then it gets back to normal limits.

The same phenomenon is also applicable to high blood sugar. Just like BP, the sugar level of the human body varies from time to time and change of circumstances. Sometimes it is within the normal level and other times it shoots up beyond permissible limits. This theory can be practically verified by each and every soul on this planet.

Temporary Phenomenon. Diabetes is nothing but a "medical condition" and a "temporary phenomenon", where blood sugar level is higher than normal limits. Let us suppose, we measure sugar level of a body and its found to be at higher limits, then its a condition of high blood sugar. Diabetes or high blood sugar has never been assigned to the label of chronic disease.

An ordinary patient while diagnosed with high blood sugar faces lots of myths as mentioned below:-

Medical Science. We have been brought up with a belief that diabetes is a chronic, progressive medical condition which will stay with us and we have to resign ourselves to suffer its complications. We are made to learn in medical college and our entire treatment focus is geared to suppressing the symptom of the high blood sugar levels. But this does NOTHING to prevent the development of complications.

In fact, insulin itself is obesogenic, ie, it aids in the deposition of fat and increases inflammation, which increases disease.

Hereditary. All of us are made to believe that diabetes is a heretical disease, which is passed on from father/ mother or both to their next generation. THIS BELIEF IS FALSE! A family history of diabetes may surely be the main factor due to the favorable conditions like sedentary lifestyle, stress, unhealthy nutrition, but not due to heretical issues. So with lifestyle problems, a person with hereditary background of diabetes may contract high blood sugar in the first place. But neither diabetic history in family guarantees that the person will surely contract diabetes automatically nor a person from a family with nil diabetic cases can guarantee immunity from Diabetes.

Main Causes

The main reasons for high blood sugar is a sedentary lifestyle as explained below:-

Nutrition. The food we eat today is lacking in nutrition compared to the same foods eaten say, 50 years ago. This is because of soil depletion, modern farming methods, use of pesticides, not to mention adulteration and the growth of fast ‘foods’. It stands to reason that a cheese curl full of chemicals cannot be the nutritional equivalent of an organic fresh green vegetable. Chemicals block cell receptors in the body, blocking enzymatic reactions. If the cell cannot function optimally, the body cannot either.

Insulin Resistance. Blood sugar levels are high but the cells are already flush with sugar and ‘refuse’ to accept more. The body makes more insulin, ‘thinking’ that low insulin is why sugar levels are high. This extra insulin is ineffective in driving the sugar into the cells. Put in a very simple way, this is Insulin Resistance.The way to reverse Insulin Resistance, thereby to allow the sugar to enter the cells, thereby to lower blood sugar levels, is to prevent insulin spikes. And this is easily done by restricting refined carbohydrate consumption.

Hormonal Imbalance. Stress causes cortisol levels to rise, and because stress in our lives is chronic, the cortisol rise is also chronic. Cortisol was expected to rise in response to the ‘fight or flight’ response in cave dwellers faced with a saber-toothed tiger. The adrenalin secretion allowed our eyes to dilate so we could see better, our hearts to pump faster so more blood could reach the muscles so we could run faster, increased flow to the brain so we could think better, and so on. Short term response to an acute stressor. During this event, activities like digestion, reproduction, hormone secretion took a backseat as these are not urgent, and energy has to utilized for the urgent. No point digesting food if we’re going to be eaten by the tiger!

Consumption of Excessive Sugar. If one just witnesses chemicals or ingredients used in the making of sugar, then no further explanation will be required. These chemicals stay inside our body for prolonged duration and trigger skin aging and metabolism imbalance. You name anything, pastries, doughnuts, aerated drinks, processed fruit juices etc, you will be amazed to calculate average sugar intake we all have in our daily lives.

Now someone needs to answer some questions as mentioned below:-

1. Should these superstars endorse these aerated drinks, when they know that will motivate kids to consume it at the cost of their health?

2. Superstars, should themselves give details of total cans or bottles of aerated drinks they consume every day? And what great changes in life happened after that?

3. Who will take responsibility of kids contracting type 1 diabetes due to excess consumption of aerated drinks and junk food, when they see their idol doing great stunts after consuming one bottle of aerated drink?

Genetics. A family history of diabetes may load the gun, but the trigger is pulled only when lifestyle and poor nutrition contribute.

Lifestyle. We all have adopted a sedentary lifestyle (including our little children), which increases the risk of developing Type II Diabetes and as mentioned above is the only reason.

Smartphones. With the development of smartphones, all of us including kids spend most of our time looking at our smartphone's screen, just to check any new updates. We don't even mind sacrificing our sleep, just to catch up with the social media rat race.

Cut Throat Competition = Stress. With increased ambitions to earn more money and surviving the market's cut-throat competition, results in further elongated or extended working hours and less rest. This elevates the stress levels in our body.

Social Media. The balance time of the day, when one is supposed to be resting, is actually taken over by smartphones and social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Quora, Instagram to name a few). This eats up the rest and sleeps time, leading to body exertion, disturbed metabolism, more stress, all of the above issues lead to high blood sugar.

Modern Technology. With phenomenal advancements in the field of smartphones, automobiles, social media, online services, the requirement of someone to move his body is slowly diminishing. everything is available with a click of a button. with Swiggy, Zomato, Uber eats and food chains like McDonald's Dominoes, Pizza Huts, the requirement of making food at home is going for a toss. with so many discounts and offers, we also get tempted to order everything online.

Aerated Drinks. Nowadays advertisements are so influential, that nowadays a kid also feels the temptation to have aerated sweet drinks with all meals of the day. Without even realizing after consuming aerated drinks he or she may contract type 1 diabetes, whereas the companies producing it and superstar advertising it will earn a million dollars due to this habit. Experiment. If we boil these aerated drinks and let the liquid evaporate then one will be surprised to see the amount of sweet sugar remains left in the utensil.

Ruined Life

In case of senior citizens, we generally accept diabetes as a very normal issue and start the insulin dose as if that is normal evolution. But please imagine the condition where a youth, with the temporary health condition of high blood sugar (and no previous medical history), are informed that they are suffering from Type 2 Diabetes and will have to survive on insulin till last breath! immediately, few very disturbing questions shoot up in our mind as mentioned below:-

(a) Will I ever be able to live a normal life?

(b) What will happen to my family after we are gone?

(c) Will I be able to lead a normal married life and have a happy family of his/ her own?

(d) Will I be able to bear the immense pressure, if exposed to more harsh conditions?

(e) Will I be suffering from more health complication once insulin dose is administered a few times a day?

(f) How will we bear the expense for the expensive medications and doctor's fees?

Drug addiction trap

We are dead sure that if the child of Pharmaceutical company's owner develops high blood sugar, then they will never diagnose him or her with insulin and will find a better way as mentioned in succeeding paragraphs to cure the temporary medical condition of high blood sugar.

Recommended Solutions

A diabetic patient (whether yet to start insulin or taking insulin for 6 years) can get back to normal health conditions, WITHIN 6 TO 8 DAYS, if below-mentioned steps are followed with full conviction and dedication:-

(a) Fruits. Have fruit diet till 12 o clock weighing 1% of your body weight. For example, if one's body weighs 80 kgs then the patient should consume 800 gms of fruits before 12 o clock. Fruits to be selected as per the patient's choice.

(b) Vegetables. Have vegetables two times a day as per body weight. For example, if you are weighing 80 Kgs then you should have 80x5=400 gms of vegetables, two times a day. Green vegetables are recommended.

(c) Restrict Diary Food. Just restrict or if possible prohibit the consumption of dairy products and packed food. Packed food contains harmful preservatives which adversely affects the blood sugar levels.

(d) Avoid Stress. It's easier said than actually practiced. Perform Yoga and meditation under an expert's supervision.

(e) Redefine Lifestyle. Define time schedule for sleep, entertainment, smartphone watch time and other self-development activities.

(f) Control of Blood Sugar Intake. Why? Please check about chemicals used to manufacturing sugar.

(g) Walking. Walk a minimum of 5000 steps every day. If not walking till date, then start with less exertion and slow pace. Try to increase your steps and pace every day. Walking for a minimum of 15 minutes after the meal is very strongly recommended. If not possible after breakfast and lunch, then surely after dinner! This will exert the body and also help the individual in having sound sleep at night.

(h) Nil Stimulants. Smoking and alcohol consumption is prohibited.

Note. While carrying out above mentioned activities under the heading of "Recommended Solutions", reduce intake of insulin dose slowly under the supervision of a medical expert. Or else the patient may die due to excessive intake of insulin as compared to the actually required dose. Insulin dose needs to be reduced slowly so that change in lifestyle slowly eradicates the requirement of insulin at all. It's just like quitting drugs. The body takes its own time to settle down.

Explicit Fact

The actions were taken by a person after high blood sugar is detected actually defines the future of that person's health. If the lifestyle is changed immediately, the problem of high blood sugar or diabetes can be reversed.

If we don't change our lifestyle, ignore our health conditions and start taking insulin to fight diabetes, then be assured that diabetes will actually take control over the person's health and survival will be impossible without a regular dose of insulin till last breath.


The above-mentioned methods are the solutions to convert a "LIFE WITH INSULIN" to " LIFE WITHOUT INSULIN" and it's worth a try. If just by changing lifestyle, improved nutrition and lowered stress and following above mentioned "Recommended Solutions", one can live "insulin free" life, then why not give your life a try. It's worth it. In case the results are not achieved as expected then no one stops a patient from reverting back to insulin and old lifestyle.

Instead of spending your life's hard-earned savings on buying insulin till your last breath, it is worth trying out a better lifestyle and enjoys a happy and healthy family life. We all need to trust our bodies, made by nature, in most beautiful form.

One doesn't need to be rich to fight this disease. Just be mentally tough and fight it head-on. We are sure that you will win!

Prediction. Lastly, the day is not far when production rate of insulin will be beaten by its demand due to the rate at which diabetes is taking control of world's population view its surrender to unhealthy lifestyle and nutrition. One day will come when we all will have to accept life without insulin. 

Note. After reading above mentioned article, if any diabetes patient actually regains his or her health back, starts living insulin free and healthy lifestyle, then we would love to know the success story in the comments below. Such responses will boost not only our morale and motivate us to carry on with our research regarding important problems faced by the society but will help other readers to regain their lost life. We will surely appreciate your response as it will help us to improve our work. Investigating this case was itself an eye opener and self-realization. It has helped all of us and we are sure more and more people will be benefited.

Attention:- Our article which was published on 05 Jan 2019 has been further confirmed by Times Of India, National Indian Daily Newspaper, dated 08 Jan 2019, as shown below.



This article is inspired by the video interview of a controversial nutritionist, Dr. Biswaroop Roy Choudhary from Bhopal and various other websites, available on the internet like https://drlilykiswani.com/diabetes-reversible-condition/

This website fully supports a healthy lifestyle and nutrition through which the human body's capacity to fight insulin.

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D N Singh:Please also advise people to go for 10 minutes walk after every meal. If in day time it is not possible then must-must go foa 10-15 minutes walk after dinner. Make it a daily routine.

Admin:Greetings of the day sir! Thanks a lot for your response! We have noted your suggestion and will make all recommended changes in our article. Team Explicit Facts would like to thank you a million times for your suggestions. Readers like you actually make the difference in life and this how we all need to contribute so as to improve life. Regards. Team Explicit Facts.

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K.Vasanthakumar Nair:I am aged 65 years . As a Diabetic person for last twenty five years taking various pills since 1992,and I sulin since 2005, I would like to know how I can switch over to new ‘trestment style’ by stopping all medicines including Insulin very abruptly? I would like to get advised.,please.

Admin:Greetings of the day sir! Thanks for your query. Please appreciate that diabetes is a lifestyle disease and no one contracts disease by birth. So, we would like to congratulate you for your “Will” to reduce dependency of diabetic medicines. Firstly keep your medical doctors informed about your intentions of stopping medicine, who need to supervised your transition from medicine dependency to no medicine at all. Please don’t try any experiment without help of medical expert. We also acknowledge that doctors may not accept our theory. So you need find one medical expert who accept this theory and help you with this reduction in medicine dependency. Secondly, first change your lifestyle as mentioned below:- (a) Consume natural sugar in form of fruits. Avoid white sugar. Try to reduce consumption to zero. (b) Avoid preserved or packed food. Don’t stock up packed food at home. Let them stay at shop only. (c) Walk 5000 to 6000 steps everyday. Without fail. If you are not doing it now, then go slow with less distance and increase your steps and pace everyday. This will help you to have sound sleep at night. (d) Sound sleep of minimum 7 to 8 hours is mandatory. (e) We have mentioned some calculations of food and vegetable in the article. Just follow it religiously. (d) Avoid and reduce consumption of dairy products. (e) As you mentioned that you are 65 years old, i think you should have excellent reason to be happy as by now you must have achieved all your life goals. So, try to be more happy (its tough but not impossible). Once you follow above mentioned step, you will save yourself from lot of artificial toxic or avoidable food products. Exercise like yoga and sound sleep with help you reduce your body and mental stress. From the day you start following above mentioned actions, your body requirement of insulin and medicine will reduce slowly, due to bodily changes happening with healthy food and lifestyle. Keep check on your blood sugar level and slowly reduce medicine and insulin intake, UNDER STRICT SUPERVISION OF MEDICAL EXPERT. If you keep taking same amount of insulin, with change of food and lifestyle, then reaction in body will happen due to over dosage of insulin. If your blood sugar is under control due to change of lifestyle and food and still you keep taking insulin at same rate, your body may start showing adverse affect. Please follow above mentioned steps and recommendations mentioned in article, under supervision medical expert. We are dead sure that ONE DAY YOU MAY NOT REQUIRE ANY MEDICINE AND INSULIN AT ALL. As a proof we have posted the comments of some readers (posted on our Facebook Page “Explicit Facts”), who had been diabetic long back and now don’t consume any medicine or insulin, right at the bottom of this article. If you ever get free from clutches of insulin, then we request you to please post your journey on comment section of this article on http://www.explicifacts.com or email it to us on explicitfacts@pm.me or post your comment on our Facebook page “Explicit Facts” at http://www.facebook.com/ExplicitFacts0. This will motivate more people to follow your footsteps and get themselves free from the clutches of insulin. Regards

Azra Ali:I was also diagnosed with sugar all on a sudden of 517, but instead of panicking or taking insulin I just stopped having sugar &sweets & fried stuff.Started walking having fenugreek &herbs & homeo medicine & Alhumdolillah within 3 months became normal .It’s almost 4 years since then ,now I occasionally do take sweets coz it’s my weakness but still maintaining my sugar without any tablets also just fenugreek & homeo medicines on & off !

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