Can We Create Our Own Luck? (Part 2)

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Continued from “Can We Create Our Own Luck? (Part 1)


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In this part 2 of the article “Can We Create Our Own Luck?”, we will try further to explore the concept of luck.

Let’s dive into the topic, without wasting any time. 


Work smarter not harder

You want to get lucky in life don’t get stuck, because if you’re stuck… you’re not growing.

Luck favors only those who are agile, who move, who embrace change to put things into perspective.

Think about it as this demanding work gets you more of what you’re already getting.

Smart work is what allows you to go beyond that but how does one work smarter.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Track down what you’re spending most of your time on.
  • Identify the tasks that take up the most time with the lowest value.
  • Either automate outsource or systemize those
  • Use your free time to acquire new skills that are it.

People often say, “Oh! You’re so lucky to be your own boss and have your own business”, but so many people make the mistake of starting a company and being the only employee in that business.

Working more than they ever did for lower money than before.

Your goal is to not be that.

Follow Your Guts

There’s something in each of us that we really can’t put our fingers on, but we know it’s there.

Some people call it their gut… Some call it instinct.

It’s a feeling you get when something is about to go right or wrong.

You might not want to go to a different city for an audition because of the long drive. But if you’re feeling like this might be the one, go do it.

Is this the right person to go into business with? Trust your gut.

How do I feel about these people? Are they genuine in their intentions? Then why does it feel like they’re hiding something?

The more you use your gut, the more accurate it becomes.

You learn how to notice subtle hints that will save you from a lot of trouble and heartache.

It can also make you rich and successful when used right.

Learn to use it as a compass and see where it takes you.

Hard work beats talent and luck when talent and luck don’t work hard enough!

If you are born into a successful family… If you have access to every tool you need… Then good for you! Make the most out of the hand you’ve been dealt and don’t take it for granted.

For the rest of you, we know things could have been better… But what’s behind you, you can’t change. You know

What you can do about the Future?

You control how many hours a day you put in. How much you learn?… How much you practice?… How hard you push yourself?

Lucky or unlucky doesn’t even matter at this point.

Luck is too small of a percentage, in the success equation.

Remember Fort Minor?

“Ten percent luck twenty percent skill… Fifteen percent concentrated power of will… Five percent pleasure… Fifty percent pain… You know the rest!

Are you going to push through the pain?

Are you going to come out on the other side or are you going to be a victim complacent in your mediocrity live?

Your life wondering, what could have you been made a choice today to watch this and we congratulate you for it.

If you took the notes… If you pulled out the golden nuggets this next week is going to be different for you.

Use the word luck in the comments just to prove you made it to this point.

Then go crush this week.

We challenge you to see opportunities, where you’ve never seen them before go make your own luck.

Meet people be nice to them and offer to help

We want you to write this down.

People create opportunities for other people.

If you’re looking for opportunities… First look for people they have all of them.

People know things, they know other people… They know what they need… They know what they’re struggling with… What’s working… What’s in store for them.

Your six connections away from every person in the world.

A Microsoft study called it “the six degrees of separation” over ten years ago when the internet wasn’t as big as it is today.

If you’re looking for luck, look no further than with other people.

The Buddhists call it karma, for every good.

You get a certain portion of luck which will serve you well at some point in the future.

All you must do is, be like those cake people on Reddit and form Karma.

Offer to help those people who are looking for it and you’ll be amazed where it leads you.

If you can’t help yourself, it’s great when you can recommend someone who can… Now two of your connections are better off because of you and they’ll remember it.

Keep saying YES.

There are two different parts of the life of a successful individual “the YES and NO” times.

This might be your first time being introduced to this so pay attention.

Depending on where you are in your journey, you should make a priority to say yes or no.

If you’re feeling stuck… If you feel like, you’re not breaking through into that next level… If you feel like, you don’t know exactly how to make the jump… Then you have to say YES, to every single opportunity coming your way.

The goal here is to increase your chances of finding that “One Thing”, for you to grab onto moving forward. 

If this is you, then it becomes a numbers game.

Meet as many people as possible… Take on as many projects as you can… Do anything you can do, until you find that one thing.

This is especially true and useful for people early on in their journey or those who’ve not yet found their thing.

Once you do it’s time to focus on saying NO to everything else… Once you identify the next milestone in your life… You’ve got to remove your distractions.

People will want things from you, mostly your time, and every minute you give you’re taking away from the life you could live.

As your journey progresses, you’ll find your ability to determine when to say YES and when to say NO improves dramatically.

Once you get the hang of it other people will look at the thing you’re achieving as luck, because they can’t figure it out.

Raise your expectations

This is a big one.

Every successful person out there, expected themselves to be successful.

Every rock star was once a kid, who made it their mission to become a rock star.

Without the expectation of an incredible outcome… It’ll never happen simply.

Put your life changes, based on your expectations of it.

Do you want to live like this for the rest of your life or do you expect more of yourself?

Do you think there’s more to life and waking up going to work eating and going back to sleep?

Do you expect others to treat you at your worth…? I mean damn Gina do something about it.

The moment you raise your expectations of yourself and those around you… This new set of standards will force you to change your behavior, no matter how high you set your expectations.

If they’re not backed by action… You’ll still be in the same place you’re in or right now.

Think like the super successful

Hey Explicit Facters! Truth be told.

This is the only shortcut we found for success. Now let us explain, as you know there are no shortcuts to any place worth going… But there is this thing where you can track your life into success.

This has nothing to do with the law of attraction, but instead, it’s about thinking bigger solving a bigger issue.

It took us a couple of years to understand this… But it takes the same amount of work to make a million dollars per year, as it takes to make 50,000.

The difference lies in the scale of your thinking and if you’re going to think anyway you might as well think big. Right?

Start looking at the bigger picture… Start looking for that if I get this right my life will change opportunity and pursue that.

Super successful people don’t waste most of their time on day-to-day activities. They’re super busy looking as far ahead into the future as they can.

Once they have their eye on the prize, they reverse-engineer the process and focus their actions on the correct steppingstones.

Leverage bad luck

Okay, you didn’t get lucky in life so far… You’ve had a chain of unpleasant events happening to you… Well, we’ve got good news.

Your good times are ahead of you.

Although we are super complex organisms… Everything around us obeys a couple of universal laws one of them is “The law of averages” for all the shit, you’ve had to endure so far in life.

There’s caviar waiting at the next stop, who knows… You never really know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from.

You didn’t get the job you wanted, and this crushed you now. But it forced you to start a business that’s growing beyond your wildest dreams.

Your crush turned you down and your heart was broken. But a year later you met the most amazing person in the world.

Things that may seem like bad luck now, given enough time, might turn into positives.

If you were to live your life without any knowledge of what it takes to create your own luck, the law of averages would be an incredible place, to begin with.

But this is where things become interesting.

If you’re actively aware of the things we mentioned on this list… If your actions are strategic… This is no longer just an element of chance.

Life becomes like one of those rigged dice with a heavier bottom.

This brings us to our next point.

Don’t leave your own luck to chance

Getting lucky isn’t a long-term success strategy.

Always be wary of the people, who expect luck to solve their problems.

We prefer a different crowd of people who don’t need luck to get everything they want from life.

You see challenging work looks like luck to those who weren’t paying attention.

Your happiness, your success, who you are, should not be dependent on something outside of your control.

Instead understand that you have the power to decide, what you want to do tomorrow.

You’ve made a choice right now to absorb this information so you might as well put it to work. Right?

You have the knowledge, you know what to do, you just must use it no matter how hard things get just hang in there.

Change the petty things… You can change and eventually… Things will start going your way.

Once you become self-made, it’s hard to listen to people who didn’t get lucky because you see that luck was their only ingredient.

This brings us to today’s questions. When did you make your own luck?

We want all of you to join this opportunity and share firsthand experiences of when you created your own luck.

It’ll be super valuable for the community to understand that this is something one can do and what better way to showcase it then through the “Explicit Facts Family”, share your stories.

We’ll be sure to lurk around in the comments as well and for those of you watched until the end we’re sharing one bit of bonus information.


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