Can We Create Our Own Luck? (Part 1)

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Can We Create Our Own Luck?


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Rich people and poor people think about luck differently.

You see when poor people think about luck, they think of good things happening to them without their input.

The rich on the other hand look at luck quite differently.

It’s more about unexpected bad things, that are not under their control and interfering with what they’re already doing.

Here’s how you can do the same.

Isn’t it weird how most successful people out there, give conflicting advice!

Like you have to make your own luck, mixed with I got really lucky.

But most of them are trying to say is that they were prepared for the opportunity and when it finally hit they didn’t let go.

That’s how we want you to think about luck and today we’re going to point you in the right direction.

Here are some proven steps to create your own luck. Understand How Lucky You Already Are!

Face it!

Your life is pretty amazing already, isn’t it?

You’re doing at least okay, enjoying this educational content, on your high-end device, in the comfort of your home or car, surrounded by a bunch of stuff, you already get to enjoy.

Life is good yeah yeah…

We know, it could be better and we plan on showing you, how you can do just that.

But without understanding, just how lucky you are to be alive right now, you won’t be able to appreciate the things, that are waiting for you.

You could have died by now.

You have some people who care about you.

You have a home. Be grateful for this.

Remind yourself often, just how blessed you really are.

Take this opportunity and write down five things you’re grateful for in life.

We’re not kidding do it.

Put this list in your pocket and remind yourself constantly you’ll wake up tomorrow and not let all of this good fortune go to waste.

You’re almost responsible to make the most out of it, aren’t you?

We’re all a lot luckier than we realize, believe it or not!

Usually, we get what we want, or near enough the problem people are that they don’t want more. 

Venture Into The Unknown Try Some New Habits

Here’s the deal.

Doing more of what you’ve done, will get you the same results you’re getting.

If there was any luck in what you were doing, you probably used it all so you need to go find luck in other places.

Most people think luck will come to them when in reality you accidentally run into it.

This implies you’ll have to run.

The best thing you can do is to pick up some new habits, change some existing ones and see where they take you.

It begins with a decision and figuring out what it takes for it to happen, once you do keep going and growing because of it.

Here’s a quick example of something that happened to one of our friends.

He picked up gym habit… meets a guy… they become good friends… and the friend asks him to come to an event with him… well he ends up meeting the woman he’s now married to and you certainly know of similar events in your own life.

Some call it serendipity or chance, but it definitely wouldn’t have happened if he kept shoving takeaway into his mouth on the sofa watching Netflix.

In order to get yourself up for a shot at and getting lucky literally you need to venture out into the unknown and be more than you already are.

Learn To Have Your Eyes Open.

Ready to have your mind blown.

In the last two weeks of your life, you’ve come near not only one, but two life-changing opportunities. You’re just now aware of them.

There’s an almost infinite number of variables going on in your life around you.

Every week you could make one decision that changes your life completely.

Do you know, how many times you’ve been in a room with someone, who literally could have changed your life, but you were unaware of it?

Think back to the biggest shifts that have ever happen in your life and you’ll realize, how lucky you are that they worked out the way they did.

These are happening all the time. You’re just aware of them after the fact.

So, why is it we don’t all see these?

Well, for one we’re busy looking at our phones but that’s not the main thing, it has to do with what we’re asking our brain to focus on.

Here’s a quick experiment…

If I asked you to go out and look for red cars, you’d suddenly notice them… See the car model… The licenses plate… Who’s driving.

You’re making an effort to see the red car. But if at the end of the day, I asked you how many people were wearing jeans, you’d get mad because I made you look at red cars!

What do the jeans have to do with anything?

This experiment is called “The Invisible Gorilla” and hopefully, most of you are familiar with it.

But it proved that if people are focused on one thing, everything else becomes a blur and what did you do for the past couple of years… You are focused on the day-to-day stuff… Your job… Your bills… Your to-do list.

You’re missing opportunities because you’re not looking up around you.

Search And Apply To Every Opportunity

Now that we understand, we have to look for opportunities and our behavior will change.

With your eyes and ears open wide, you are casually going about your day.

From chat to chat, you hear about a new opening at a competing firm.

You hear about the next-door neighbor, wanting to sell off his house quickly because he’s getting divorced.

You notice a business event happening next Friday or a class about a passion of yours.

The more you look, the more of these opportunities will show up.

Do you know what the hard part is?

Shooting the email, saying you might want to interview for the job… Calling the neighbor to start a dialogue or buying the tickets for the event.

Other people are seeing these opportunities as well, but a small portion of the population that takes action, when they see something they’re interested in.

Almost everybody else postpones it until it fades into a what could have been category.

In the words of the great Wayne Gretzky: You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take

And here’s where things get amazing… You only need to hit one of those shots and your life upgrades immensely.

Get Really Good At One Thing

In order to make the most out of every opportunity, you have to have a key that gets you through the door. Otherwise, you’re just walking past the building.

This is where you should be strategic with your life.

Pick something you feel you could be great at and master it.

Going laser-sharp at one thing will give you a competitive advantage, to make sense of opportunities others are missing.

Every skill tree can grow branches and depending upon what’s available to you, you might end up growing in different directions.

As long as the sun is shining on your street you’ll keep growing.

When you’re really good at something you don’t have to search for work. Offers come to you.

Do that until your position is solidified in the process.

You’ll start to see different opportunities, you could branch into. But you have to focus your efforts, on the one thing first.

This is a mistake a newbie entrepreneurs make.

They try to do everything but end up doing nothing much at all.

Pick strength and put a couple of years into it! Yes!! You heard it right… Years!

If you’re in this for good, it won’t happen overnight, no matter how good you are.

One of the best books on this is “The One Thing” by Gary Keller. It gives a holistic approach to the problem of being distracted by too many shiny objects and it should definitely be on your reading list this year. 

Make Your Work Visible.

You know how some people are mad, that others get opportunities that maybe they should have deserved.

Well, guess what… Your work or your ability didn’t shine enough to be considered.

We all want the most capable person for the job, but we don’t know about you… We don’t know what you can do… So the opportunity goes to the best one we know of.

Shocking, right?

If you want to start getting lucky and get those amazing shots at life, you need to be bigger… you need to be more visible.

Show the world what you can do… Document it… Put it out… Post it… Yell it… If you have to.

That’s how people who need what you’re offering, will find you and if they don’t go find them yourself.

We got the opportunity to work with some of the biggest brands in the world and truth be told not all of them have heard about us.

We reached out to them and showcased what we can do.

That’s how you create your own luck.

Search for that email and take your shot.

What’s the worst they could say? No. Well, the answer is no by default if you don’t ask.

Keep Showing Up.

I tried it once and it didn’t work.

I tried it for a year and it didn’t work.

I went to the meeting and I didn’t get it well shoot.

Keep at it… not getting it is a part of the process.

How can the world know you really want it if you quit after your first rejection?

How can you expect to do this for the rest of your life and want to quit after only one year?

Every successful person out there, has a bunch of rejections under their belt and probably the main reason, why they’re regarded as successful today… Is because they didn’t allow those rejections to stop them from their pursuit.

Oprah was told, she wouldn’t be right for TV or radio.

Stephen King’s books were turned down by almost everybody.

Billionaire Jack Ma couldn’t even get a job at KFC.

Ask anyone of them and they’ll tell you, how they took it upon themselves to create their own luck.

Show the world, what you’ve got.

Keep putting one foot, in front of the other, no matter what others are saying.

It’s just a matter of time until you catch a break.

Continued as “Can We Create Our Own Luck? (Part 2)

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